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  2. Keep them coming, the more people who see these videos, will come here and maybe even play on the server.
  3. 1:50 Actually you won't get hit by ob if you use that way but you need to run right next to pp. On video you ran bit towards hon and thus ob had time to hit you.
  4. I will add more videos as they become made show the links here to your videos
  5. You may improve this or suggest better ideas.
  6. I made a tips and trick channel on my discord a while ago and forgot to tell in renegade section https://discord.gg/2g5Bw8B Add yourself to renegade rank or someone could make one on mpf discord might be easier then forum
  7. perhaps it would be better to put each tips in their own topics https://multiplayerforums.com/forum/534-tips-and-tricks/ with images/videos
  8. On Alpine you could make video how to get passed behind gdi ref hill without agt shooting when going to gdi pp. I once learned how to walk properly it but I forgotten it.
  9. Shoot a clip for sneaking past the Obelisk at the rear tunnel access point on C&C Under.
  10. need video ideas like how to proplerly or secert paths to infiltrate on such and such map
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