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A designated marksman (DM), squad advanced marksman (AD) or squad designated marksman (SDM) is a military marksman role in an infantry squad. The DM's role is to supplement the attached squad by providing accurate fire upon enemy targets at distances up to 600 metres (660 yd). Due to the need for repeated effective fire, the DM is usually equipped with a scoped semi-automatic rifle called a designated marksman rifle (DMR). Like snipers, DMs are trained in scouting and precise shooting, but unlike the more specialized "true" sniper (who often operate independently), they operate as an intrinsic part of an infantry fireteam and are tasked to lay down accurate support fire at valuable targets as per tactical necessity, thus extending the reach of the fireteam.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Oi hello @unknown Glad to hear from you!
  3. That's the general topic for greetings. Say hello, tell about yourself, maybe wish something to you or to all of us. Don't be shy, the only werid one here is the club leader.
  4. Here i want everyone who wants and can to share their thoughts and maybe actual schemes on their actions. If you don't want - so be it. I'll start this myself: As many on MPF knows, my shooting even in vehicles and my perfomance on field is bad of my genetically wrong hand moves (that's a joke, but i still suck in shooting and some things). So, if i can, i usually playing somewhere in support role of my team - spotting enemy moves, helping other teammates in their tasks, even sometimes engaging with them on enemy base. But not long, so i can return and react on possible enemy attack. So because of this, my loadout is usually DMR-troopers, AA specialists, Home Guard for GDI and anti-tank Riflemen for 200 on Nod. For GDI, i buy almost none vehs, with exception of TOW Humvee, and for Nod - usually something stealthed, like stank or Commanche. If needed, i can provide repair to buildings, but i have to be near home or near PT to do so. So yeah, this is mystyle.
  5. Disclaimer: this topic is not started to somehow insult any player, and all of this supposed to be a funny way to describe a player's actions and skill on different ranks. Players are divided by class. For dividing, a "Box rule" is used. If you put a player in a box, take it away and nothing happens — "Safe" class. Players just joined, with 0 pts and 0 skill. Can't do much against DMR. If you put a player in a box, take it away and no one can say what will happen next — "Euqlide" class. Players above 800 rank, can actually do something and sometimes, because of their lack of experience (or sometimes, good mimicking of it), no one can say they next move. Like, their team is losing, only WF is left - and he bought a Mammoth and driven off all the attack at once. If you put a player in a box, take it away and you can say for sure that there will be destructions and deaths — "Keter" class. Players above 500 rank, can actually destroy buildings, vehs, kill players on PURPOSE and ACCORDING WITH THE TEAM'S PLAN. Usually, the threat level is about the same as the "Euqlide", but sometimes this players can take sniper class and try to counter-act our DMR's. If the player IS THE BOX — "Taumiel" class. Players from 300 rank and above, can act as a real threat to all classes above and DMR's and be of real use to the team, even if the use is limited to a scouting. I am myself a Taumiel-class, being somewhere in 240-200, but my only use even in DMR - is long-range sniping sometimes and most of the times - early recon, spotting other team's attack movements. If the player can put YOU IN THE BOX — "Appolion" class. Players above 100 rank, especially the ones in the top 50, top 25 and top 10. Can easilly kill everything in the list above, so only counter-act to them - is if you have some "Appolions" in your team. Can destroy everything in your base and you won't even notice, and the next second YOU will be dead.
  6. Hello. My name is Dmitrii, in-game better known as Xenobyte. Currently, i am trying to start a DMR-oriented club with obvious purposes - gather around people, who likes to play DMR and try to get along and play sometimes. This club is not about teaching DMR shooting, it's born of my selfish motive to find some friends and DMR players. So, as long as you follow the rules, you are free to join here.
  7. It's easy. This is the Day i started this club.
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