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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Hi! Sorry, but just little bit english. So, Nerby base warehouse was few enemy vehicle. But the Distruptor tank did not pass through the door. Wider the tank, than the door. Thx! Atrask
  3. There are vehicles on the D3 maps that are crate only that are surely archived, I want to see them.
  4. Your gonna have to explain a little bit more there sir.
  5. I'm fascinated, what are they and what do they look like?
  6. Perhaps in the future, not very near future though (think months away)...
  7. Mutant Assault/V2 venom chemical sprayer

    @zunniecan you fix it?
  8. Remember rackz they were not given to us. We, ImperialKaskins and me, ImperialKaskins the terrain though, developed these maps together for MPF's NewMaps server in particular. dblaney only came later to mess around with the code i wrote myself for this game mode with ImperialKaskins, dblaney just thinks he could do it better and my stuff wasn't good enough for him. They then basically departed MPF together to join W3Dhub where they now produce the E series. Without MPF (me and ImperialKaskins primarily) then there would be no Imperial Age at all, it was me in the first place who came up with the name to honor ImperialKaskins's great work and the http://imperial.multiplayerforums.com website for details. All in all it is a shame that ImperialKaskins is now gone to develop stuff on a different server that is rarely played at, just too bad, for lack of better wording.
  9. Hmm MPF have the old maps running that have been given to MPF. You could try to get the creators back to MPF (wich makes more sense than w3dhub). Then every Imperial Age suggestion will get noted and changed. But for now they lost the original creators, thats why i think they will take not any action.
  10. You are comparing Imperial age with MPF. MPF is nomore developing Imperial Age and they have no source to change anything there (well they could by editing the objects.ddb of the map) but that would be against the original creator). If they would change anything there they would "steal" credit of the original creators...
  11. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2XmnbKMCycvMlVKNGhLQnVINXc almost maximum range, full health Sakura-1000$, mutant 100$ see traces on wall, compare to traces from standard chem sprayer, its very accurate on every range. now you know why some players always buy this character
  12. Oh, So thats who you are. I remember you from APB/TSR along time ago....
  13. I always turn off Vsync in games, i hate that games are limited to 60 fps, kinda feels like the 30 fps limit consoles have. To your other 2 questions i dont know the answer, yesterday was the first day in about 6 or 7 months that i came back. yesterday the most players ive seen was 28, And im not sure if we played winter_assault/mt.pass/infinite_isle yesterday.
  14. why VSync disabled? FPS drop when number of players>40? what FPS on winter_assault/mt.pass/infinite_isle?
  15. Depending on the map, i get between 70 and 200 FPS on 12k resolution. o and i only have 1 Titan x, not 3, i just have all 3 4k monitors hooked up to my titan x.
  16. I would like to see a screenshot of your wwconfig.exe
  17. i think my original name was skapunker, but then i really found my great love for mobile stealth gab generators, and changed my name into something similar, i was very active about a half a year to a year ago, i had an similar name back than with my stats, but i cant renember that name anymore, but it also had something with Stealth in it. but i cant renember it anymore. anyway i was never good at killing, but im was always more of a supportive player, covering key essential defences with stealth, or moving non stealth tank platoons across fields with mobile stealth gen.
  18. Wow that's sick....very nice!! you have obviously played renegade before what is your other name?
  19. Hey everyone, im Mobile_Stealth_GEN ill post some better pictures during daytime, but this is my current setup, 3 x 40" 4k monitors, playing Imperial Age Renegade on a Resolution of 11520x2160p
  20. Go to regedit and search for: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Westwood -> Renegade if you dont have this it should be: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Westwood -> Renegade if you found the westwood registry, go to the Renegade ones and change the "InstallPath" Key to look for your "Game.exe" in the renegade install-directory like in this picture: EXTRA: if you use a cracked renegade game, you can change your serial and the TT serial to whatever you want and then you can still play online using renlist or another direct connection tool. As you see my serial is to short but i still can play online

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