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  1. Today
  2. I’ll have a playlist I’ll be tweaking today
  3. Trying to sort out recordings of games this weekend. NVidia Shadowplay goofed so some have no audio :(. Uploading decent recordings to this playlist: @Jim5Star If you want to see my radar hack
  4. roszek


    I'm still around @trunkskgb been working on a project with Goldy58 and a few others, a new 'full conversion mod'. We got pretty close to done but decided to abandon the renegade/sage engine and move to a newer engine. Progress is being made but will take some time. I went to try to go to the jelly-server forums but they seem to be gone (as well as old renforums), so I thought I would ask around before I swiped there name. I snagged jelly-gaming /jellygaming domain names, but jelly-server was taken by hugedomains and they want like 4 grand for it, lmao. always like the name Jelly. But if the come around and yell about it I guess I wont keep it though...
  5. Yesterday
  6. I will consider moving some funding around when I make my donations to the main server in support of the Ren servers please consider firing up a Java version of Minecraft for cross platform players only if its feasible to do so with enough support. "Let me know how this develops.
  7. Version 1.100


    Updated Dragonade to v1.100 in which only the TT files are updated to v4.6.9 and the GameSpy master servers default string is changed to "renmaster.cncirc.net|renmaster-backup.cncirc.net|master-gsa.renlist.n00b.hk|renlist.w3dhub.com" from "renlist.w3dhub.com|renmaster.cncnet.org|renmaster.cncirc.net". May be overriden anytime in the da.ini config file.
  8. Its not. There is however experimental plugins & proxies
  9. From my understanding Minecraft Java Server is backwards compatible ? to Windows 10 Minecraft client App? If I am mistaken ed I stand corrected. Suggestion: See about setting up a Minecraft server in Java server mode making the server more open compatible for all players on various platforms. Mincraft Java client is made for all platforms hwever Windows 10 App server is not backwards compatible to Minecraft Java client.
  10. Last week
  11. trunkskgb


    You coming back rosek? @RoCkStAr You we’re at UNRules, did you have the same name or what?
  12. RoCkStAr


    Not a Jelly staff but used to be UnRules Staff and i remember playing alot at Jelly with You man. Greetings
  13. I had the chance to test this on the test server whit unknown and it was funny as hell
  14. Oooh....ahhhh....yeah!!! I’ll stream every chance I get!!! Going live event weekend!
  15. until
    In this event, every vehicle has the ability to fly. We've been working for this recently, and finally it is ready! We need some generous streamers and YouTubers for this event, to record this. You may watch how it works of this below. Simply, when you enter vehicle, it will be converted to a flying form, so it can fly everywhere and aim every position as normal. When you get out of your flying vehicle and can't get in, you will need to use the hologram object to enter your vehicle. (Pressing E on it.) We may continue on with this event for 1 or 2 more weekends if we receive a positive feedback from you. - Maps that does not have SAM Site or air defense will be automatically placed near buildings.
  16. Hello people! We had the feeling to give a report of current changes. New event! We've founded a very cool weekend event idea for this weekend (21, 22, 23 February 2020). Let me show you what is this event. In this event, every vehicle has the ability to fly. We've been working for this recently, and finally it is ready! We need some generous streamers and YouTubers for this event, to record this. You may watch how it works of this below. Simply, when you enter vehicle, it will be converted to a flying form, so it can fly everywhere and aim every position as normal. When you get out of your flying vehicle and can't get in, you will need to use the hologram object to enter your vehicle. (Pressing E on it.) We may continue on with this event for 1 or 2 more weekends if we receive a positive feedback from you. Updates! Recently, I have made some changes to my maps, and created a new map called Tropical Warfare (it will be fully available soon). Here are the changes I've made to other maps: Icy Plains: • Fix lightning in tunnel. • Fix a glitch about Obelisks. • Fix so Turret wreckages appears better. • Made both In-Base Transportation Vehicles faster, and 150 ammo with faster rate of fire and longer reload time. • Changed some parameters about ambient light. • Airstrip runway is now damageable. • Fixed SAM Site names. Snowy Mountains: • Fixed blockers to prevent BM-21 climbing mountain. • Fixed a point that was allowing people to climb on mountain at Nod side. • Some minor defense balancement was applied. • Fixed several VIS problems. • Fixed spy zones. • Fixed a critical bug about stealth controller. Lost Coast: • Airstrip runway is now damageable. • Fixed several VIS problems. • Fixed tiberium trees. • Added some more defenses. • Added more trees. NEW! Tropical Warfare: • A new map that are conntected from 3 ways. • Wide tunnel system that opens to front way, back way and Power Plants. • Evening themed, heavily foggy, warm map with heavy rain. • A bridge that connects to bases from in front of Refineries. • Lightly modified defenses that also shoots air vehicles on Nod side. (for Zeppelin) • Automatic Orca/Apache spawner to gain access easily to Zeppelin. • One of the good maps that experiences a fast gameplay. Here are the screenshots of new map: Credits: @trunkskgb @sla.ro @unknown @Unstoppable (and others who contributed for this update that I may missed)
  17. Just a side note from research - It is my understanding that a Server running in native Java SDK format C++ coding platform that the Java Ver server setup is Backwards compatible for Windows 10 Minecraft, Minecraft PE though Minecraft Server running in native only for Windows 10/PE IOS is not backwards compatible to Minecraft Java edition. I understand and sympathize the idea to setup the server in Native Windows 10 /PE Ios was due in part that one would expect most everyone to be beyond the realm of Windows 7/8/8.1 however that is not the case for many I know are still reluctant to upgrade to Win10 or even 8/8.1 with valid reasons I agree with. So if the idea were to arise to make the change over to the Java Version of Minecraft Server please let me know for now I will attempt to get her on with either the Ipad. Thank you for your time and attention please try to have a ggood day on your end.
  18. Okay my question is this I see your direction is Win10/Mobile/Console Version am I to assume Console Version is Xbox Version ? she also has minecraft for IOS Ipad version as well her native desktop is an isolated Windows 7 64bit ver so I believe she wont be able to use her desktop version as that I believe is Java SDK run time let me know if and when a Java version will be supported please. Her Xbox is not authorized to be on my network I do not allow that so her Xbox version is out of the question. I like to monitor very close her in game playing not that it is of any major concern if she is playing on one of the community services however just the same I monitor her close. Option can she connect and play on her IOS Ipad version ?
  19. It is still running. You may join using "gs03.mpforums.com" with ONLY Windows 10/Mobile/Console version. We may switch to Java soon.
  20. Seifmagdi ban was already greatest event Case closed.
  21. I just posted in other discussion about RileyBug playing she is all over me to ask so is this still up and running ? I just saw this discussion post sorry for the DBLS....
  22. She saw me on the forums a seen the MINECRAFT server and was asking about it can anyone elaborate is MPF still supporting Minecraft if so can she play ? Provide information for me to get her a link and connection if there is one up and running still. She is a Minecraft freakazoid she is all over me about asking... Funny I knew the kid that developed MINECRAFT way back in the day he was on IRC Undernet all the time asking programming questions while he was developing the game I should have took him up on his offer to help him in development but I was on a different trend in QuakeWorld.
  23. I will say this much about your question concerning the amount of players being at a low, and a bit of insight as to an advantage this could be to you and from early FPS gaming experiences how this works, I will try not to ramble however there is much to be said about this subject in it's entirety. "Your advantage is being on the server you can take advantage of many aspects of each map in rotation" This allows you to learn the game and learn about each and every map. My Background as a FPS gamer is this in a nut shell, ever hear of QuakeWorld? Google it. History lesson in short we played this one of the first fast paced First Person Shooter games on dialup CONNECTION when broadband didn't exist for the common everyday internet user back then refereed to only as the WORLD WIDE WEB back then Mr. J Carmack "Co-Founded ID-Gmaes" Developed a game code interfaced around UDP User Datagram Protocol which significantly enhanced FPS gaming over the dialup connection. Games like Doom Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake and their sequels could be played by the masses all together on the same server. Enough ranting on old technology. Now back then I and my good friends in Canada had a Clan / Team play we ran our own servers on dialup connections mind you thanks to UDP we managed, administered and played as well. From past experiences no one game stays very popular for very long however QuakeWorld is still being played to this date but not by the masses only those who are 1. die hards and 2. Are just ethical enough to know any game that stands the test of time at a tune of 35+ years to still find servers and playeres it is a game worth keeping around on your desktops. Which brings me to the short end of this, there are a lot of reasonable variables to why players move on from one game to another to many in fact to cover, sometimes hacks and cheats get so jammed up into a game it makes playing unbearable note as long as there are FPS games in existence and kiddie hackers around you will always have cheateres and hacks it's just the nature of the FPS game world you have 4 kinds of players Experienced, Newbies, Ethical and Unethical players simple as that. To sum the last paragraph it is up to the server administrators, moderators and even the players to participate in policing the activity with in the servers they manage, own or play on with that said it is also up to the administrators to ensure that there servers and there platforms are are offering choices and well defined opportunities to the players they are catering to in order to keep players around through good management and the key word fun. "Fun" back in the day we always tried to ensure the FPS experience was FUN...as we watched FPS gaming moving forward eveolve if you will to even now what it is today the FPS gamer experience has evolved though as before many variables can influence why certain games continue to stand on there own into the future and why others fall off the digital network lines and become extinct is realy a topic which is rhetorical in nature.. I believe Renegade is one of those FPS games that deserves much credit "will test time" as even I as far back as QuakWorld FPS "First" Real FPS Multiplayer's Game online can remember very vividly many servers dried up "Various Variables" and many continued into the future Clan Noma "Lenomde" Server was one of those that managed to continue to exist into the future Proof you say? here is a link to our Clan / Server Home page which mind you still is archived and viewable as a relic of the past. Clan Noma http://lenomade.tripod.com/ Yes it's still there it is a parked webpage from the old days. Our servers went down by choices in our lives for those who ran them, owned them and managed them, my case I partially owned and fully managed ours the question came about when I decided to join the US Navy and my good friend Ben other owner decided to close the doors as without me he couldn't continue on his own with out me in the mix. The decision then was made to close the connections and move on with real life decisions. However we still get together from time to time and play QuakeWorld yes there are still servers around to this date ......... So as you can see even real life events and situations can influence the Gamer, Owners and Administrators and the world of online gaming and all the intriguing aspects of such a addictive forum can and will be influenced however in the end it is up to the people who are in direct control of that forum to ensure there servers stay on top and are enticing enough to make sure that player's are and will continue to come back to there servers to play and have and maintain FUN after all we can all agree on that one concept it is "FUN" and from my experience when that factor drops off for what ever reasons "The Variables Again" the game is no longer "FUN" is when player's seek out other game sources, servers that are of "FUN" in nature or at least bearable to continue to play on that gaming platform.
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