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  5. Still a small Community is around About ~10-20 players daily. Sometimes more, sometimes empty xD
  6. Was meant for Shitin, This whole layouts confusing ahahha
  7. think you mistake me for someone else
  8. Quite a few of us are still around the world of Renegade, welcome back.
  9. Surely after all these years and practice, you could finally win a game
  10. This is a shame, he was always a good guy! Iceworld anyone?
  11. I wonder how many years this has been, whos still around from 15 years ago? -Steven / Cam152
  12. I still miss you, my old friend 😡
  13. There are capturable silos on land, the planes are bombers (refill on your non-movable ships) and you try to destroy the enemy ships. I think there are 3 ships, and if a ship gets destroyed, you can't refill from it.
  14. Still can't believe Zunnie is gone. Sometimes I just want to jump on IRC or TS like I did all those years ago just to talk to the dude. Il never forget Jan. Hope everyone at MPF is doing well, take care all.
  15. I would do likely but server would have high ping. Infrastructure has some problems here atm.
  16. Guest

    MA_Bear_Island 1.9.2

    One of the best maps for C&CR multiplayer, but a little hard :(
  17. Hopefully Unknown can figure it out, I can't get it to run on either of our servers...only my own pc.
  18. I might actually be available for that. I hope it’s a good turnout. I will totally stream that if I can make it. Rip Zunnie
  19. Feel welcome m8 , good too have some old school back in Rene!😀
  20. I just realized this a few minutes ago. So, having said that: tentatively this Saturday RC will be running that OmegaAOW server again from last year with our other stuff turned off.
  21. Thanks everyone! Such a warm welcome. I'll definitely post asking for help if I can't work out my install. See y'all on the battlefield!
  22. C&C Airbase Any more descriptions? Comb through my YouTube channel or the map database. Maybe it’s there?
  23. What map is this!?
  24. Hello, h0pe you have fun in MPF UltraAow Server, best server for me :P.
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