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Unreal Tournament 3

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6 files

  1. Free

    Evil map pack

    This is the final version of the evil map pack for Unreal Tournament 3
    I am very happy to create this map pack, for our favorite game, unreal tournament 3, and only come this far, thanks to the support and feedback from you, thank you ...

    throughout the construction of evil map pack, I could count on help and experience of Blitz ~ stevelois and who were the beta testers of the project ..

    It took me a while to finish it, because I had so many setbacks at work, at home, some bugs with my pc: D finally over, the Evil map pack is ours, have fun...and stay tuned for the next project that ahead ...

    Installation :

    Extract Evil Map Pack folder and paste in \Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps.
    Evil Map pack video



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  2. Free

    Gamespy Server Patch

    Replace your server executable with this one (UT3.exe) for it to list online.
    Epic Games is now hosting the GSA servers themselves.
    A guide can be found here: http://multiplayerforums.com/topic/5323-unreal-tournament-3-server-setup-guide-windows/


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  3. Free

    Webadmin Interface for Dedicated Server

    Extract this to your server folder and you will be able to admin your server from a webiste.
    A guide can be found here: http://multiplayerforums.com/topic/5323-unreal-tournament-3-server-setup-guide-windows/


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  4. Free

    Patch 5

    This will update your game or server to version 2.1 (patch no 5).


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  5. Free

    Titan Pack

    Titan Pack is an official Epic Games expansion.
    Included in the Titan Pack will be a total of:


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  6. Free

    Unreal Tournament 3 Dedicated Server

    The dedicated server installation for Unreal Tournament 3.
    For a guide on how to set it up see: http://multiplayerforums.com/topic/5323-unreal-tournament-3-server-setup-guide-windows/


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