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  1. DA1.10.1 with Scripts 4.6.9

    It was discovered by ExEric3 that the DA builds were broken (not properly merged and updated) for pretty much every version after v1.9 (the offical released one by WhiteDragon). So I made a new version, starting completely from scratch (v1.9) and patching it with the latest scripts. Besides that I applied the fixes that I deemed necessary that were also  previously applied. The reasoning for naming this version v1.10 is that the 'original unnoficial versioning' used wrong naming (it went from v1.9 to 1.91). So as this is a completely new version I fixed the versioning as well. 
    So to be clear this is DA1.10 which is a better version than DA1.100 and all before that one. This DA is compatable with Scripts 4.6.9.


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  2. Dragonade

    This is a server-side game manager for the Renegade FDS.
    It includes a wide variety of features such as additional logging, gamespy forwarding, weapon and powerup drops, new game modes, crates, vehicle shells, vehicle purchase queueing, and much more.
    The source code is included and you can build your own plugins using the built in event system or use existing SSGM plugins.


    Created by @Whitedragon and Black-Cell.net.


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  3. RenSharp - C# Wrapper for Dragonade

    Are you struggling with your everyday development in C++?
    Do you suck with memory management or just the general hassle to get third party libraries for your custom Dragonade plugin?

    Well, no more!
    Introducing RenSharp for Dragonade

    This framework I created lets you make plugins for your FDS in .NET 4.7.2. You're probably wondering: will this need a heavily modified scripts.dll? I hear you and that's why I made sure it is bootstrapped by a regular Dragonade plugin.

    "Are there any other limitations?", is probably your next question. Very few, here they are:

    - You can only create custom classes (i.e. specialization of classes) for the classes I made support for. However the reach of this support is the same as you'd use in any normal Dragonade plugin (event classes, console functions, player observer, object observer, etc).

    - I only made support for the template classes that are used throughout scripts.dll. Any customizations on this are not supported.

    - Even though I added in some more safety nets to check for nulls etc. You can still fuck this up and make it crash horribly. Although the checks in place will also throw a managed exception and if not catched and handled will gracefully shutdown the FDS.

    - Some design choices removed some support. For example there is no 'const' concept. But these choices shouldn't really limit your imagination.

    - That's about it of what I can come up with on top of my head right now.

    With any plugin interface there are a few 'gotchas' and for RenSharp those are:

    - Inheritance is pretty much the same as you would in Dragonade. Except static initialization (using macros to register stuff) will not work in C#. Further explanation how this is handled is discussed in the example plugin.

    - All managed classes are basically handles to their C++ variants. You can bind the C++ pointer using the appropiate constructor which takes an IntPtr as an argument. These handle classes are not inheriting from IDisposable and assume they are not in charge of cleaning up that handle. If one of these handle classes is wrapped around an IUmanagedContainer<T> class that means that you MUST dispose them when you're done with them. As these containers indicate that you are indeed in charge of cleanup. 

    - If you pass ownership of an unmanaged pointer to the C++ side (which does the memory management) you should make sure to release the pointer on the managed side. To make sure the garbage collector never disposes it. Likewise, when you keep ownership on the managed side, you should keep a reference to the object for as long as you want to keep it alive.

    - Don't call any methods or use properties of which you don't really know what they do. You can screw it up. Otherwise, if you consider yourself well versed in this stuff, go right ahead.

    - Any more gotchas or usage are pretty much discussed in the example plugin.

    How to get started?
    The only config this adds to da.ini is 'RenSharpPlugins'. You name managed plugin .dlls the same way as you would under 'Plugins'. To start RenSharp you also need to add 'da_RenSharp.dll' under 'Plugins'. Preferably on position 1. But that is up to you. Then follow one of the instructions below:

    The quickest way to get started is to just use any Visual Studio version that can handle .NET 4.7.2. (for VS2019 you can just use the Visual Studio Installer to install .NET 4.7.2.). Create a new .NET 4.7.2. C# class library and search for the NuGet package 'Neijwiert.RenSharp' (right-mouse click on your project and click Manage NuGet Packages...) and click Install. All Renegade stuff is placed under the RenSharp namespace. When the NuGet package is installed it shows a readme.txt on how to properly set your target platform. You then have to place YourPlugin.dll, da_RenSharp.dll, ManagedRenSharp.dll and ManagedScripts.dll in your FDS folder. You can find these .dlls in 'YourPlugin\packages\Neijwiert.RenSharp.1.0.0\content' and 'YourPlugin\packages\Neijwiert.RenSharp.1.0.0\lib'.

    The slow way is to compile it yourself. You can download the ZIP file with the source, or from GitHub. Compilation requires you to have C++/CLI build tools installed (use Visual Studio Installer) and .NET 4.7.2. (also use Visual Studio Installer). You can use a newer Visual Studio version as long as you have Visual Studio 2012 installed on your computer, with latest updates (whenever it prompts you to update the projects when you open the solution, you need to hit cancel). For the C++ stuff you need the same requirements as you would when you build Dragonade. Then you can just add a .NET 4.7.2. class library project and add a reference to 'ManagedScripts'. Make sure you configurate the class library to build as x86. Then you're ready to build and use everything. 

    I pretty much made all this without drawing out a plan. I made some design mistakes and I also couldn't test everything due to the size of it. If you find anything broken/not working or stupidly designed message met and I see if I can get it fixed. This also applies for new feature requests. The best way to approach me would be via GitHub probably or a PM here. This cost me a lot of time and effort to make and I hope you guys are going to enjoy it and hopefully open up modding to some more less experienced coders. Everything is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, which means you can do everything, but you must mention my name and include a copy of the license. I'm wide open to responses to this negative and positive, feel free to reply to this post.

    GitHub: https://github.com/Neijwiert/RenSharp
    NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Neijwiert.RenSharp


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  4. RenegadeFDS Server Manager

    This is a very simple FDS restarter, starter and stopper with IRC controls.
    You can start your FDS and bot which are configurable.
    On first launch, manager will drop a file named "Config.ini" with default values and closes itself.
    You should modify FDSExec, BotExec, Nickname and Ident keys before launching application.
    You may use ExecuteOnConnect section in Config.ini to execute commands on startup, or register your bot.
    Valid commands are: !startfds, !startbot, !stopfds, !stopbot, !restartfds, !restartbot, and !restart (restarts FDS and Bot)
    If you find a bug or application generates a crashdump, please report them to me from http://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv
    If you have suggestions, you may comment below as well.
    This project uses Atlantis 4.1.3 and Atlantis.Net.Irc 4.1.6
    You may find Atlantis 4.1.3 at https://github.com/zloveless/Atlantis.
    Thanks for using my project!


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  5. TT Package Editor Tool

    Is PackageEditor.exe is hard for you to use?
    Did you bored of long process to do a Package Editor action with console?
    Do you hate using console to do Package Editor actions?
    Here's TT Package Editor Tool!
    This tool will let you do amazing stuff with PackageEditor without a console, or wasting long time!
    Tool has some cool built-in features, and a User Interface to ease your life and time!
    You can find, install, download, convert, uninstall, list. And compatible with every server!
    You don't need to put the tool in your server directory! Just open it, and press "Open", and select your server's Package Editor executable. And BOOM!
    You can ask for help below, and report bugs too.
    BUT, For the fastest bugfix and help, please click here.
    Thanks for using my tool


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  6. MPF Public FDS Package

    This package contains everything you need to get a server going.
    When you downloaded the zip file make sure that you goto its properties and "Unblock" it BEFORE you extract the files, else it may not function correctly.
    There is a folder called "prerequisites" and you must run and install the vcredist_x86_2012.exe and vcredist_x86_2013.exe and also the dxsetup.exe found in the dxsetup folder or your server will not run.
    Make sure you edit server.ini and change ports where needed and forward them if applicable. Note that the GameSpyQueryPort *must* be different from what you set in DA.ini
    Also edit the svrcfg_cnc.ini found in the data folder to set your own server name, title, and maybe some other options.
    Brenbot is included in this zip and works 'out of the box' pretty much.
    You should however change the nickname of the bot to use on IRC, the channels it will join and the Path to your Server root folder.
    See moderators.cfg for help adding moderators.
    The FIRST message listed in messages.cfg is what will be displayed when players type !rules in your server. Keep it very short as there is a ~200 character limit on lines.
    I've included an example configuration of the tt.cfg file that now handles the server map rotation and downloader properties.
    It's pretty straigthforward, just upload your ttfs folder to your website and set the repositoryUrl to it ending with a /
    eg: repositoryUrl = "http://www.yourwebsite.com/ttfs/";
    A note: When you use the packageeditor cmdline to install or convert new maps or packages make sure the Server is NOT running.
    If you've adjusted your configuration files and are ready to run it, then execute the file server.exe followed by brenbot.exe
    Always start the server first, then brenbot.
    The sourcecode based on Dragonade 1.92 with TT 4.6 support is included and contains a nice mpf_example to get going.
    You need both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2015 installed. You can get VS2015 Community Edition off Microsoft's website. However, there is no community edition for VS2012.
    For help adding custom maps and/or other things to your server please join us on our irc.cncirc.net in channel #mpf
    It is recommended to join us on Discord with a microphone as it is a lot easier to help then. Perhaps also get Teamviewer, we use that a lot and makes it tenfold easier to help remotely with issues you may have. ( www.teamviewer.com )


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  7. Renegade FDS

    To get passed the WOL installation for the RenegadeFDS you need to enter a (fake) serial number that starts
    with 0669. For example: 0669714956637887900319 (Note: This is a fake serial and you cannot host a server in
    XWIS/WOL mode with this serial, it is only provided for you so you can get passed the installation dialogs.)
    To host a server on XWIS enter your Renegade serial in server.ini
    After installation it is highly recommended to upgrade to TT SSGM 4.x.
    Click the links below to view detailed instructions on how to set that up:
    SSGM 4.x Download Page
    You can now also download an all up2date package with Dragonade 1.92 and TT 4.6 support, source code and brenbot included @


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  8. CoopBeta

    This package will turn your Renegade FDS into a Co-Op server
    where you can fight together with other players against bots on the Single Player Mission Maps.
    This version has the following maps:
    Source levelfiles for M08, M11 and Skirmish00 are included.


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