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Renegade: Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) Pack 2.0.

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3 Screenshots

About This File

Renegade: Tiberian Dawn (C&C 95) Pack 2.0 changes some skins and adds a bunch of sounds to bring the atmosphere of Tiberian Dawn.


Grey Camouflage Nod Officer by Sisslik

Beta Nod Soldier by pawkyfox

Grey Camo GDI Medium Tank by Scrin

GDI Mammoth Tank skin by Scrin

Grey Camo Flame Tank by Bazil

Beta Chemsprayer by Reaver11

Beta Railgun by Reaver11

Westwood's E3 Cargoplane

Sounds from CnC Tiberian Dawn (Cnc95) such as: Ion Cannon strike sound, minigun/machine gun shooting sounds, cloaking sound etc.

Thanks to all contributors and to Westwood Studios.

V2 changelist:

Grey Camo Nod Vehicles Pack by ArtyWh0re (orca234)

GDI/Nod EVA's announcement sounds from Tiberian Dawn (special thanks to ArtyWh0re)


UPD: added more pictures

UPD2: there are 2 versions of the Flame Tank skin - one being Bazil's version and the other being part of ArtyWh0re's (orca234's) Grey Camo Nod Vehicles Pack. You can see the former version in the first screenshot (above the text).


IMPORTANT: tank_stealth_start.wav in the Sounds folder is currently not allowed on MPF NewMaps.

Desktop 10-05-2018 21-04-34-994.jpg

Desktop 10-05-2018 21-07-05-222.jpg

Desktop 10-05-2018 21-11-01-980.jpg

Desktop 10-05-2018 21-11-50-233.jpg

Desktop 10-05-2018 21-03-57-930.jpg

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