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About This File

First Mappack

The first and 4.x compatible Mappack made by MPF for our UltraAOW servers.
All maps that are in rotation are contained within this mappack.

Slower Connections
If you have a somewhat slower connection and get tired of waiting on the ingame downloadscreen you could download this mappack and install it before joining any of our servers.
You will not experience (much of) the ingame 4.x downloader at all then, just join up and play right away.


By default your ttfs folder where Renegade 4.x downloads maps to is located in your Application Data folder which is a hidden system folder by default.
For this reason you *should not* change the destination location when the installer asks you for it. You should leave the default installation location in place unless you are absolutely sure you must change it and know what you are doing.
If the destination is wrong then the mappack will not be installed properly and you still get download dialogs while joining our servers.


Thank you a lot for downloading the mappack and playing on our servers!

What's New in Version 32.0


08.13.2016 @ 05:09AM - Updated with latest NewMaps files.

05.03.2016 @ 03:12AM - Add new versions of most maps with loading screens and such, updated packages.

04.07.2016 @ 11:57PM - Updated with latest NewMaps files.

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