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rensharp Building Restore Funding 1.0

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About This File

Add this plugin to your RenSharp enabled server and it will enable you to put funding (credits) towards restoring dead buildings.

For functionality, see the INI spoiler below.

To enable:
Add the DLL and INI file to your server directory.



; This plugin adds the following chat commands:
; - !fund <acronym> [<amount>]
;	Funds a building <amount> credits with <acronym>. If <amount> is not specified it takes all the player's money.

; - !totalfund <acronym>
;	Outputs the current total funds for a given building with <acronym>. Also displays how many credits you have put towards the funding

; - !refund [<acronym>]
;	Refunds your credits that have been put towards building with <acronym>. If no <acronym> is specified it will refund funds on all dead buildings

; Global settings for the plugin
; All these global settings can be overridden on a per-map basis

; BRFEnabled
; Boolean value to specify if building funding is enabled.
BRFEnabled = 1

; BRFScaleWithPlayerCount
; Boolean value to specify if the cost of the building restore should go up based on the team's player count
; It uses the following formula: BRFRestoreCost * team player count * BRFScale
BRFScaleWithPlayerCount = 1

; BRFScale
; Float value for the scale to multiply the team player count by
BRFScale = 1.0

; BRFMaxRestoreCount
; Integer value to specify the maximum restore count for buildings, this is the default if none is specified for that particular building
; Declare a value < 0 for infinite restores
BRFMaxRestoreCount = 2

; BRFRestoreCost
; Integer value to specify the base restore costs for restoring a building. When BRFEnabled is enabled it uses the formula declared above.
; When disabled the absolute costs for the building is the same as BRFRestoreCost
BRFRestoreCost = 2000

; BRFAllowRefund
; Boolean value to allow refunds on funding of dead buildings
BRFAllowRefund = 1

; Example per map basis settings for the map C&C_Field.mix

; All below settings do the same as in the global settings, but they are only applied to the building presets that correspond with the acronym 'agt'
; The acroynms per building presets are declared below
BRFMaxRestoreCount_agt = 1
BRFRestoreCost_agt = 1500
BRFScaleWithPlayerCount_agt = 1
BRFScale_agt = 0.9

; Declare your building presets -> acronyms mappings
; Separate them by a '|'. Building preset names are case-sensitive. Acronym's are not.
SP_Comm_Center_Nod|mp_GDI_Com_Center|mp_Nod_Com_Center = com|comm|commcenter|comcenter|communicationcenter
SP_Hand_Of_Nod_Nod|mp_Hand_of_Nod = hon|hand|handofnod
Tut_Infantry_Barracks_GDI|mp_GDI_Barracks = bar|barracks|infantrybarracks|inf
SP_Refinery_Nod|Tut_Tiberium_Refinery_GDI|Test_nod_refinery|mp_GDI_Refinery|mp_N od_Refinery = ref|refinery|refine
SP_Power_Plant_Nod|SP_Power_Plant_GDI|Tut_Power_Plant_GDI|mp_GDI_Power_Plant|mp_ Nod_Power_Plant = pp|powerplant|power|plant
SP_Con_Yard_GDI|SP_Con_Yard_Nod = cyard|conyard|constructionyard|cy
SP_Obelisk_Nod|mp_Nod_Obelisk = ob|obby|obelisk|obl|obi
Tut_Advanced_Guard_Tower_GDI|mp_GDI_Advanced_Guard_Tower = agt|gt|advanced|advancedguardtower
SP_Weapons_Factory_GDI|Tut_Weapons_Factory_GDI|mp_GDI_War_Factory = wf|factory|weapons|weaponsfactory|weps|wepfac
SP_Nod_Air_Tower|test_nod_airtower|mp_Nod_Airstrip = air|strip|airstrip|airtower
SP_Silo_Nod = silo|tibsilo|tiberiumsilo
mp_GDI_Helipad|mp_Nod_Helipad|SP_Helipad_Nod = helipad|heli|pad
mp_Mutant_Lab = lab|mutantlab|mutant
mp_GDI_Repair_Bay|mp_Nod_Repair_Bay = rep|repairbay|bay|repbay


Source code: https://github.com/Neijwiert/RenSharpBuildingRestoreFunding

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