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General Map Information

This map is not something like DM, DOM or AOW map.

Each side has a Core in their base, a huge object with lighting, the enemy has to destroy this Core to win the game.

The Core cannot be repaired! Buildings are indestructible.

What to do?

In the center of the map there is a Center Node. When you repair this Node you capture it and it becomes yours. The enemy Core becomes vulnerable to attacks when this has been done. The Cores are not damageable unless your team owns the Center Node.

There are Unreal Tournament 3 female announcements for most of the Node/Core events to let players know what to do.

Inside the Barracks and Hand of Nod you can find a Terminal "Pickup Orb". When you press E here you will get the Orb weapon.

This weapon can capture the Center Node in 1 shot from close range even if it is already teamed to the enemy.

There can be only 1 Orb per team at a time.

Most characters don't spawn with Timed C4 (minigunners, engineers and hotwires/technicians excepted) because it would be too easy to kill the Center Node then and too much C4 spam in that area. Use the Orb to insta-capture the Center Node.

Havocs and Sakura's have a 2 bullet clip. Snipers have a 3 bullet clip.

Gunner has a basic rocket launcher to elimate the inbalance with Rocket Soldiers which are likely to be used to attack the Cores.

Rocket Weapons had their range decreased to combat "Base 2 Base Core Attacks".

A crate spawns in the middle at the Center Node as well as a Weaponcrate.

Much thanks goes out to Mauler, ImperialKaskins and Blazea58 for their content in this map such as the trees, carrier and ramps to the deck.


To play this map you require script updates which are not available in TT 4.0 RC1, when the next version of TT 4.0 comes out you will be able to play and host this map on your own server and game.

It is now in rotation on the UltraAOW.com NewMaps 4.0 server.

Have fun!

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