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MPF Keys.cfg Installer 1.2

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About This File

  _   _ _   _____ ____      _        _    _____        __
 | | | | | |_   _|  _ \    / \      / \  / _ \ \      / /
 | | | | |   | | | |_) |  / _ \    / _ \| | | \ \ /\ / / 
 | |_| | |___| | |  _ <  / ___ \  / ___ \ |_| |\ V  V /  
  \___/|_____|_| |_| \_\/_/   \_\/_/   \_\___/  \_/\_/   


Simply run and install it. Do not change the destination folder unless you know what to do with it and it is required.

You will then be able to deploy vehicles on the maps from ImperialKaskins and some other MPF related maps.

As well as a number of things such as:

The keys.cfg file should now be installed on your game and you can use the keys such as:
- Press Backspace to Sell vehicles on the Repair Pad
- Press Q to deploy vehicles and such
- Press M to lay an Anti-Tank mine
- Press F4 F5 F6 F7 F10 F11 F12 - and = for additional radio commands
- Press Q to deploy a tank trap
- Press Q to detonate your Fanatic
- Press M to lay an Anti-Tank mine
- Press N to deploy a barbwire
- Press O to drop your current previously picked up weapon
- Press P to drop all your previously picked up weapons
- Press I to use Chinook Vehicle Transport abilities
- Press HOME to check your veterancy status
- Press BACKSPACE while parked on top of a Repair Pad to SELL your vehicle
- Press END key to quickly look up the Mine and Remote C4 usage and limits
- Press Keypad number 1 to 9 for special Animated Taunts
- Press U for chathistory window


If you prefer so, you can download a manual installation file @


What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


New Installer v1.2 with better readme and links to support and now sports an intro splash screen.

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Question about the Destination Path to Extract the Zip Files.  In WinRAR, when I pressed Extract To, the default destination was to the following Path on my C:\ drive.  But, my game is on my E:\ Drive.  So, I stopped to come in here to ask my question before proceeding.  What and where, if any, should I change this default path location?


C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\WIWMC9AP\MPF_Keys_Installer


Please include any other information if I have not asked all of the right questions.  Thank you.

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Just extract the zip file anywhere you want, for example your default Downloads folder, then run the file MPF_Keys_Installer.exe and install it in the location it suggests, do not change the destination folder.

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