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General Map Information

Hon_DM is a deathmatch type of map with a little twist to it.

You will spawn as a random character on this map, with a higher chance of becoming the lower class characters than the high class $1000 characters.

The map is based around a Single Player Hand of Nod building with a huge interior with elevators and everything.


The purpose of this map is not to braindead-kill-and-shoot like most Deathmatch maps. On this map there are 9 "Control Points".

When your team repairs a Control Point your team gets 1 Capture Point per second per Control Point. When the target of 5000 Capture Points has been reached your team will win.


Thanks goes out to Mauler from the TCW Dev Team for the Domination Control Points and their textures.

Also thanks goes out to Aircraftkiller for releasing the Single Player Hand of Nod which is featured on this map.

The grass texture was also created by Aircraftkiller, i believe i ripped it from his Golf_Course map or something, can't remember lol.


Create your own Domination map

There are only 5 scripts required on your map for domination to work.

z_hon_randomchar :

Changes players characters when they spawn to a random character

z_hon_dom_control :

Sets the required amount of Capture Points.

z_hon_dom_pointgen :

This script makes sure that captured points generate points for the teams

z_hon_dom_node :

Sets the name of the control point and makes it behave like one.

JFW_Change_Spawn_Character :

This is needed to change the spawncharacter of players.

How is it set up?

1) First you create two temped presets for the GDI and NOD Minigunners and you must call them "GDI_Spawn" and "NOD_Spawn".

Then on the scripts tab you put the script "z_hon_randomchar" and that's it.

2) Create a Daves_Arrow on your map and attach the script "JFW_Change_Spawn_Character" on it twice,

one set with Player_Type 0 & NOD_Spawn as Character. And one set with Player_Type 1 and Character set to GDI_Spawn.

3) Create another Daves_Arrow and put the script "z_hon_dom_control" on it with Points_Max set to the number of Capture Points required to win the game.

4) Create a new strings category using tdbedit.exe into strings.tdb

You can find this file in your leveledit mod folder in ALWAYS\TranslationDB

5) In Leveledit goto Strings->Edit Table and scroll to the right and select the category you added in step 4.

There double click on an empty line to add a new string translation. Here you can now give your first Control Point its name.

Code ID: IDS_DOM_North with String: North Control Point

6) Now temp the preset under Object->Simple->Simple_DSAPO_Versions->Simple_MiniConsole and name it Dom_North_Point and set its translated preset name to your IDS_DOM_North Set the Physics Models to dom_node.w3d(big version) or dom_node_s.w3d(small version).

Its Health should be 2 and MaxHealth like 300 and CNCMCTSkin as its skintype.

7) "Make" the control point on your map and position it. Now save your level "AS" C&C_Mymap.lvl and create a mix file using XCC mixer.

Also include a strings.tdb which you RENAME TO strings_map.tdb.

Then you *should* be able to capture the CP and gain points.

The scripts will automatically spam the players a bit every minute or so with what the current score it at.

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