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    A medium/large map with 2 vehicle entrances at the front, and 2 infantry pathways at the sides. Temple structure in the middle and 2 bridges that connect to the middle area. Based on Arctic_Stronghold from Renegade X.

    Author: Forithow
    Map Style: Renegade
    Game Mode: Normal (includes AOW, Marathon)
    Buildings: Weapons Factory, Airstrip, Barracks, Hand of Nod, Tiberium Refinery, Power Plant, GDI Minor Defenses, Nod Minor Defenses, Advanced Guard Tower, Nod Obelisk, Construction Yard, Communication Center, Tiberium Silo, Repair Facility
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    Do you need all 3 keys to open the door?

    Only found 1 and it doesn't show in inventory.


    Response from the author:

    ye there's 3 keys, you need all 3

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