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  3. New Renegade Leadership

    Congrats all. Long over due Bad.
  4. Last week
  5. DM-PentaMaze-WIP

    Version 0.3.0


    DM map inspired by the UTk4 Labyrint Map. Fogy & snowy Setting! Just this map is biger, and has Pentagram and Penta Plex Structurs.... 1st Beta! Bild is for 6 Players DM...


  6. Happy Birthday Goldy!

  7. What are you currently listening to?

  8. New Renegade Leadership

    Make Bryan admin.
  9. Earlier
  10. Unlimited ammo redeemer

    Reload time 1 min.
  11. Hiya

    Bit late, still welcome!!!
  12. DM-Exploration

    Version 1.0.0


    Hellot Inspitared by "blood covernant" from quake champions with snow theme hope u enjoy ..thanks for play!


  13. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Been a while since I listened to Alice in Chains. Big fan of Again and Heaven Beside Me.
  14. Unlimited ammo redeemer

    Mad MSPaint skills right there.
  15. DM-Pipeline-WIP

    Version 0.9.0


    a good Duel & DM Map. build completly out of static mashes. njoy & HF


  16. DM-Pipeline-WIP

    Version 1.0.0


    a good Duel & DM map wit Liandri Theme. build completly out of static mashes. njoy & HF


  17. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Mee too, i preffer AiC and Old STP
  18. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Soundgarden is cool, but man am I tired of the Foo Fighters.
  19. DM-RocketDepo-WIP

    Version 0.9.0


    CloseQuaters RocketLauncher Training Map. 2-4 Players


  20. DM-AtomSilo-BETA4

    Version 0.4.0


    hi, this is the beta of an old dm costum map for Half-Life1. UT4 remake


  21. Unlimited ammo redeemer

  22. Unlimited ammo redeemer

    yeah need to fix/disable that weap
  23. Unlimited ammo redeemer

    Redeemer has unlimited ammo on mpf_volcano_fly_b6 Too bad there were no mibs in the server to killwhore
  24. Random C4 Kill

    Been a long ass time since that worked for me. But I was on the receiving end pretty recently.
  25. Merry Christmass Everyone :)

    Well i remember some parts from it, but playing now Soundgarden and Foo Fighters
  26. Random C4 Kill

    How often does this happen people, come on. How many times do we throw C4 HOPING some poor sap gets killed by it? If you're like me, you throw them a lot and nothing happens, well NOT in this video! I throw a C4, retreat and buy a different character, engage in battle with another GDI soldier and while I do, my C4 kills some poor sap walking by it! Awesome! Jump to 1:29 to about 2:05 in the video to view, or watch it all!
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