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  3. kuva.png.62450d950bf01ad3612e529fdce1863f.png Happy birthday RoCkStAr

    1. RoCkStAr


      Thank you Vihannes ! Lova ya :D

  4. Happy birthday zunnie. We all miss you.

  5. Earlier
  6. need video ideas like how to proplerly or secert paths to infiltrate on such and such map
  7. Nice display for Rene!
  8. Main + Laptop Main: CPU : Intel Core i7 7700K GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB Screen: 32" Curved VA 144Hz 2560x1440 28" TN 144Hz 2560x1440 Laptop: CPU: Intel Core i7 7700HQ GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB Screen: 17.5" IPS 120Hz 1920x1080
  9. Remember, it’s not.... ”30 years old....” ...it’s 30 years young!
  10. Wish I was 30 again !!! Starting around 40, everything starts going... First you need bi-focals, then a little hearing loss, then this hurts, then that hurts, arthritis creeps in, you gotta pee more often, lots to look forward to ...
  11. Thanks man, the big 30, feeling old!
  12. @dudley happy birthday man! eat lots of cake and blow stuff up in games and spend time with important people in your life!
  13. Oh, it's a Cam... I'm still there, too :P (just not playing games as much as I'd like to)
  14. @Pwn Call happy birthday man! hope it’s a good one! 🤠
  15. Still a small Community is around About ~10-20 players daily. Sometimes more, sometimes empty xD
  16. Was meant for Shitin, This whole layouts confusing ahahha
  17. think you mistake me for someone else
  18. Quite a few of us are still around the world of Renegade, welcome back.
  19. Surely after all these years and practice, you could finally win a game
  20. This is a shame, he was always a good guy! Iceworld anyone?
  21. I wonder how many years this has been, whos still around from 15 years ago? -Steven / Cam152
  22. I still miss you, my old friend 😡
  23. There are capturable silos on land, the planes are bombers (refill on your non-movable ships) and you try to destroy the enemy ships. I think there are 3 ships, and if a ship gets destroyed, you can't refill from it.
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