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    Hi! This is the testmap i wipped up with a tiberuim field and a Weapons Factory + Refinery. We will setup the WF first, then the Refinery and their waypaths and finally the Tiberium Field itself. I did not include the airstrip here as the procedure is the same for that one, except that the Carmaker thing should face along the path of the airplane that drops the vehicles. First we create the Building Controller for the Weapons Factory, you can find it under 1)Buildings, then 2)WarFactory and select 3)mp_GDI_War_Factory now click on the 4)make button at the bottom right. Select the blue icon controller and position it like on the image below: First press Ctrl+Shift+T to hide the doors from the Weapons Factory which allows us to do the next step: Select the Blue House building controller again and press Ctrl+P, a red Car will appear on the map with a blue line connecting it to the controller. Position this red Car inside the Weapons Factory construction bay around the center of it like on my image below: Next we need a vehicle construction zone around the Car completely encompassing the construction bay. Goto: 1)Object, 2)Script Zone, 3)CnC and select 4)Vehicle_Construction and 5)make it on your map. An orange box appears, position it inside the construction bay and drag it around the whole floor, make sure the Car is completely covered inside it. To make the zone larger upwards hold your shift key and drag one of the black boxes on the edges up or down. Good luck: Now we need to cover up the space or gaps in the WF vehicle dropoff bay in front of the WF door. This is required otherwise the AI does not drive out of the WF and your vehicles will stick in the WF construction zone which is bad. So in the editor goto: 1)Editor Objects, 2)Editor Only Objects and select 3)Large_Pathfind_Blocker and 4)Make it on your map. A green box with 'large dsapo' written on it appears, on the Z axis move it down under the ground until all you can see is the top of the box. To make a quick copy of the box left click on the box and hold your mouse button, then simultaniously rightclick once: it creates another box, yay. Position lots of them covering the gaps in the WF delivery pad as on the image below: Ok so now the waypaths. First click the toolbar red cone icon (position at cursor it is called) on the screenshot at number 1 position. Now goto the presetlist and goto 2)Waypath and select 3)Vehicle Only Waypath as shown on the screenshot below: Now click MAKE to make your first waypoint on the map. Position it at the left side in front of the Car INSIDE the construction zone and left click to place it. Then you can position the second waypoint, put it in the center area of the pad and leftclick to place it, then the last point you position just off of the pad, left click to place it, then press the escape key to exit waypath mode. You should end up with something like this: Now left-double-click on one of the way POINTS, not the WayPATH, and in the box that appears goto the Waypath tab and make sure the options 'Two Way', 'Ground Vehicle' and 'Innate Pathfind' are checked like on the screenshot below: Repeat the above until you have 3 waypaths coming out of the WF construction zone, like seen on screenshot below: Now we need to place a pathfind generator here. Goto 1)Editor Objects, 2)Pathind Generator and click on 3)Human and 4)Make it on your map. Position it near the waypaths as seen on the screenie below: Now goto the Refinery on your map and make the building controller there (Buildings->Refinery->mp_GDI_Refinery) Select it and press Ctrl+P to create the red Car for this building too. Position it like on the screenshot below: Now create a Vehicle Only Waypath from the Car to the center of the Tiberium Field. Left click to place a point, place as many points as you want. To finalize the waypath you press escape. PS: You can move around in the editor using the numpad numbers on your keyboard while in waypath mode. Double leftclick on a wayPOINT and set the options as seen on the screenshot below: Do the same with the MIDDLE waypath from the WF to the Tibfield like on the screenshot below: Now we need to place the tiberium field zone for the ai harvesters. Goto 1)Object then 2)Script Zone then 3)CnC then 4)Tiberium_Field then select 5)Tiberium_Field_GDI (or _Nod if you are working on the Nod tibfield) and 6)Make it. Position it over the tiberium field and make sure that the last waypoints of the waypaths from wf and ref are inside it. Make sure you save your map AS, then goto Pathfinding->Generate Sectors Now save your map again when thats done, make a mix file and host a 1p LAN game to test it, it should create the harvester and drive to tiberium then dump at the refinery. Greetz zunnie
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