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    January 2020 Update

    Hey Guys, So I know we haven't done much on the forums in the last year plus. Just wanted to give a quick update to recent changes: Donation goals have been updated (finally). Our server bills were recently lowered thanks to some couponing and frugal shopping around by @Cronus and myself. Our primary server bills are now only $60.00 USD per month which includes everything we currently host: Renegade (NewMaps, BlackEagle, reb00b, Mutant Co-Op, etc), this website, our domain costs (including C&C IRC), and forum licensing costs. In addition, I have added two more goals you can see on the sidebar of the main forums: Renegade-X and Minecraft servers; these are small expansion goals of $20 and $10 respectively, and we hope to make available to you. These are separate goals from our main server bills to more clearly indicate what servers have more (financial) support. All funds will still be pooled into the general fund, though. Forum cleanup has been initiated. Those of you with access to our Premium and Development Area will notice their descriptions have been changed to redirect traffic to our Discord. These forums are archived (read-only) for the time being. Not sure what we'll do with them yet. I went ahead and removed the Unreal Tournament and ARK sections (posts moved to our archive board) since there was no activity in them and since we no longer host a redirect service. Server and development updates are very slowly progressing. @Unstoppable has been working on a multitude of projects ranging from a new Discord bot, Black Eagle's CTF server including a ranking page for it, and a secret-ish project with me for MPF. I haven't kept up in development as much as I should have, but I'll be getting back into the swing of things in the next couple months hopefully. We now host a development server for @reborn so that he can create some goodies for MPF. Some personal updates for the staff: I (Genesis) have been out of commission for a while due to PC issues and some minor mental health needs (nothing serious; a little bit of anxiety). I've just started my University career really late it feels (30 years old) given the career with which I'm aiming, and I've been tired from writing so much. @unknown has been dealing with forest fires in Australia recently. He also maintains our GS02 game server (NewMaps) primarily, and he manages to coordinate everyone well enough and keep everyone updated on the happenings of the servers and community. @Wyld has been incommunicable for a while, and no one has been able to reach him for over a year now. @Cronus has been just working at his day job and chilling and doing IT work for Totem Arts (the team behind Renegade-X). @alexrirak has been working at his day job and chilling. He pops in often to check on things and do some small coding projects and forum fixes. @FeaR has been providing a PayPal account for your donations and working. DISCORD! We're trying to grow and boost activity on our Discord community. If you have Discord, you can join via the widget on the side or by clicking the following link: https://multiplayerforums.com/discord - this link will only work in your browser and not in the Discord client! It redirects you to the real Discord invite. Thanks, Genesis
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