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  1. I'm sick of this, I can't just go to my laptop and work to mod the game there to extract import and etc to the always.dat file. (The program works fine for me in Windows 7.) I don't know why, but every time I try running the program RenegadeEx (which edits the always.dat) it gets me a Run-Time error and wont load successfully. What I mean is when I get the error and press Ok it opens the program but whenever I press something it just wont work (nothing happens). I'm using Windows 10 64-bit by the way for who want to know which Windows I'm using. So please anybody help me fix this annoying problem because I don't want to switch device (from PC to Laptop.) I also a screenshot for the error. Thanks. -Seif
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  2. zunnie

    DirectX SDK 2007

    Version 1.0.0


    Fixes several issues with 3DSMax8 SP3 applied and it not loading or working properly with the W3D Tools and Importers. One specific error i was able to take a screenshot of is this one: Greetz zunnie
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  3. Hey brother another year, still think about you often and of our time developing TCW, Renegade server.... I will always cherish those memories man...
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  4. I miss you brother. I wish I was there for you when you needed help.
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  5. Miss you brother, been talking to my wife about how good the old times gaming were. With you, Soul & Grime!
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  6. Missing the time when we were playing Renegade in SoQ. Whereever whatever you are now, I hope you are doing well!
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  7. Version 1.4.6


    This file contains all the assets i use in my guide to set up a working environment for Renegade mapping/modding with gMax/RenX and Level Editor. View the guide @
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  8. Version SP3


    This service pack is required for some plugins to function such as the importer for W3D's. This install requires you to have the full English version of 3DSMax8 installed.
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