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  1. 2 points

    C&C Remastered Trailer

    Well at least they ended up making some improvements on gameplay. Like sidebar improvements, starting point choose ability on skirmish, Tiberian Dawn skirmish mode added etc... Well I have bought Red Alert already 4 times (Original Win95 version 2 times + First Decade box + PS1 version) and I think I'm not gonna buy it 5th time no matter how they remaster it. I still wonder where the hell did my first Win95 version disappear 20 years ago. It was in quite large box so wouldn't think it gets lost easily.
  2. 1 point

    C&C Remastered Trailer

    Seem like we are going to play something nicely done. I rather it had redesign than remaster. It will be active for year than it will turn into "renegade activity" I think heavy tank and light tank could use more love. Ea i can Give You 9.99 USD for standard version. Doesnt look as good as starcraft remaster Lol prices. 19.99 USD Standard, Special 59,99, 25Th Anniversary 149.99
  3. 1 point

    C&C Remastered Trailer

    Totally buying this!
  4. 1 point


    A Little late on this one more coming
  5. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    Red colored Stealth Effect
  6. 0 points

    C&C Remastered Trailer

    You don't like it?
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