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    Hello people! We had the feeling to give a report of current changes. New event! We've founded a very cool weekend event idea for this weekend (21, 22, 23 February 2020). Let me show you what is this event. In this event, every vehicle has the ability to fly. We've been working for this recently, and finally it is ready! We need some generous streamers and YouTubers for this event, to record this. You may watch how it works of this below. Simply, when you enter vehicle, it will be converted to a flying form, so it can fly everywhere and aim every position as normal. When you get out of your flying vehicle and can't get in, you will need to use the hologram object to enter your vehicle. (Pressing E on it.) We may continue on with this event for 1 or 2 more weekends if we receive a positive feedback from you. Updates! Recently, I have made some changes to my maps, and created a new map called Tropical Warfare (it will be fully available soon). Here are the changes I've made to other maps: Icy Plains: • Fix lightning in tunnel. • Fix a glitch about Obelisks. • Fix so Turret wreckages appears better. • Made both In-Base Transportation Vehicles faster, and 150 ammo with faster rate of fire and longer reload time. • Changed some parameters about ambient light. • Airstrip runway is now damageable. • Fixed SAM Site names. Snowy Mountains: • Fixed blockers to prevent BM-21 climbing mountain. • Fixed a point that was allowing people to climb on mountain at Nod side. • Some minor defense balancement was applied. • Fixed several VIS problems. • Fixed spy zones. • Fixed a critical bug about stealth controller. Lost Coast: • Airstrip runway is now damageable. • Fixed several VIS problems. • Fixed tiberium trees. • Added some more defenses. • Added more trees. NEW! Tropical Warfare: • A new map that are conntected from 3 ways. • Wide tunnel system that opens to front way, back way and Power Plants. • Evening themed, heavily foggy, warm map with heavy rain. • A bridge that connects to bases from in front of Refineries. • Lightly modified defenses that also shoots air vehicles on Nod side. (for Zeppelin) • Automatic Orca/Apache spawner to gain access easily to Zeppelin. • One of the good maps that experiences a fast gameplay. Here are the screenshots of new map: Credits: @trunkskgb @sla.ro @unknown @Unstoppable (and others who contributed for this update that I may missed)
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    Renegade ‘02 through ‘20

    DaDule i remember playing with you. Really nice to see old timers around
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    too few players

    Seifmagdi ban was already greatest event Case closed.
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    Happy Birthday Goldy!

    O dam, thanks
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    Happy Birthday Goldy!

    @Goldy58 Happy birthday man! 🎂 🍺 🍷 🎉 🎈 🎊 🍰 🧁
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    Harvester walking
  7. 1 point


    Hi ppl. Glad to see Ren is still alive after so many years. I used to play Renarchives and Jellyservers way back. I've seen few names here who are familiar so cheers guys hope to see you again on the battlefield soon!
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    too few players

    Spoiler We're working on something for an event.
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    Welcome back Commander, If you need help getting the game up and running, just give us a shout out!
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    too few players

    we hope it, forever C&C
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