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    Version 1.07 Sub-Update 1


    A alternative and advanced version of RenList listing utility. This is a server listing utility which takes data from GSA feeds from GSA Master Server hosted by CnCIRC and lists server for user. The differences between RenList and MasterList and the reasons of why you should prefer MasterList is specified below. If you using my lister, thank you so much. Please always use the latest version of this The development is currently paused and it will be continued soon. Current version is stable and should not have any issues. • MasterList is quicker than RenList for listing speed. • MasterList is simplier and more advanced than RenList. • Usage of MasterList is easier. The changes that planned and going to add: • Buddy system. Notices you when your buddy in a/any server. LIVE! • Favorites system. Notices you when a event that you want happens. Example, when the map you want starts. (WIP) • Some basic improvements for visual of UI. LIVE! • Some other improvements for backend. LIVE! Some help?? Look below! • Find "Theme" option from Menu>Options list to change your theme. • Change your nickname or your Renegade Installation directory from the related options on Menu>Options. • And be ready for other new features! Please report bugs and suggestions to me on here or Discord ( The Unstoppable (TR)#1000 ) or find me from MPF Discord Server at http://multiplayerforums.com/discord Enjoy!
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    The Desktop Topic

    Main + Laptop Main: CPU : Intel Core i7 7700K GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB Screen: 32" Curved VA 144Hz 2560x1440 28" TN 144Hz 2560x1440 Laptop: CPU: Intel Core i7 7700HQ GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB Screen: 17.5" IPS 120Hz 1920x1080
  3. 3 points
    39:19 - Dusk Hour C&C Tiberium Sun ❤️
  4. 2 points

    Happy Birthday Dudley!

    @dudley happy birthday man! eat lots of cake and blow stuff up in games and spend time with important people in your life!
  5. 2 points
    Pwn Call

    Happy Birthday Pwn Call

    Thanks man, the big 30, feeling old!
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    Bear Island is a map for C&C Renegade version 1.6 update 6+ made by Blazea58 and Jerad2142 with some assets purchased from Turbosquid. The goal is simple: kill bears for money… although, there might be a twist about 15 minutes in. The map is open world with over 20 objectives (some of which are hidden or have to be done in a certain time period or will be missed). Bear Island features 6 unique vehicles, over 7 different types of animals, a combined GDI and Nod team as well as a built in record and score system. Crappy half-baked backstory: Bear Rug Co. is San Casina’s main supplier of bear rugs and they have become quite reliant on us. Recently there were a series of bear maulings that have thinned out the worker pool, you have been hired to replace these workers to help get production back underway. Unfortunately, your first day is going to be extra stressful; the president of corporate America has arrived at the plant for an inspection and is currently underwhelmed at our production. We need you to head out there and start killing those bears as quickly as possible. There is a cabin to the North which will make a good forward base, now head out and kill those bears! Download: http://jeradsnetwork.midcoip.net:9854/MA_Bear_Island.7z
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the updated and improved version of the UltraAOW Mappack Installer. This always installs latest mappack from our server and keeps you always up-to-date. It is a very useful installer for against slow connections. If you have a slow connection, you can use this installer. Just open installer, it sometimes can't detect or wrong detect your TTFS folder, in this case select correct TTFS folder, and it starts downloading. Please report glitches to our Discord server. You can find our Discord at http://multiplayerforums.com/discord URL.
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    Pwn Call

    Book lovers...

    Hey @Pwn Call here. Been a while since I've been around but if anyone is interested in books or needs a gift for a book lover then I have something for you. I have been writing a book the past couple years and would really appreciate any support you all could give me. I've given a lot to this community in the form of maps and since my retirement I've had to have something to create so why not a book?🤔 Anyways its a sci-fi so would most likely be interesting to you all here. If anything a simple post to social media would be extremely helpful. Here are some links for info about the book. Link for pre-order for kindle e-book. The ebook and the paper back will be released on March 1 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NTMVCBX Info about the book itself, including the blurb (back cover synopsis of the main plot) and there is a link on that page that has the first 9 chapters for free in case you want to read it and see if it is interesting. http://www.entropytheory.com/corrosion/entropy-novel/ anyways its a quick read with a pretty neat twist, it appears as though its just another "aliens coming to earth" but that is not the case at all. Hope you all have had (some) fun without me!
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    Merry Christmas

    the 26th
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    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    There you go
  11. 2 points

    New Maps-Rotation

    Hello Folks! We would like to climb on a new Level of our rotation. For the next one, we would like to get some more input from you all! As many of you already know - we have this new Maps Section at Renegade Forum. What we plan... We would like to have every input from you into there. Then will consider every map you add to the Maps Database and you've suggested here. We will play the map, check balance, etc. and decide, if it will make it finally into the new rotation. So.... Happy Posting Serv.
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    Happy birthday RoCkStAr

    Happy birthday RoCkStAr
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    Steven Campbell

    R.I.P. zunnie

    Was meant for Shitin, This whole layouts confusing ahahha
  14. 1 point

    R.I.P. zunnie

    I still miss you, my old friend 😡
  15. 1 point

    Hello fam!

    Hi! I'm new to the forums. I joined to read a post linked on the C&C subreddit, but I'll probably stick around since there aren't many communities that still play Renegade anymore. I've been playing Ren since it came out, and I used to be very active in the Jelly community back in the day. If I can get my copy of the game back up and running on my computer, I look forward to seeing y'all in game!
  16. 1 point

    R.I.P. zunnie

    I just realized this a few minutes ago. So, having said that: tentatively this Saturday RC will be running that OmegaAOW server again from last year with our other stuff turned off.
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    R.I.P. zunnie

    One year.. and still miss you alot my friend..
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    Version 1.1


    Are you struggling with your everyday development in C++? Do you suck with memory management or just the general hassle to get third party libraries for your custom Dragonade plugin? Well, no more! Introducing RenSharp for Dragonade This framework I created lets you make plugins for your FDS in .NET 4.7.2. You're probably wondering: will this need a heavily modified scripts.dll? I hear you and that's why I made sure it is bootstrapped by a regular Dragonade plugin. "Are there any other limitations?", is probably your next question. Very few, here they are: - You can only create custom classes (i.e. specialization of classes) for the classes I made support for. However the reach of this support is the same as you'd use in any normal Dragonade plugin (event classes, console functions, player observer, object observer, etc). - I only made support for the template classes that are used throughout scripts.dll. Any customizations on this are not supported. - Even though I added in some more safety nets to check for nulls etc. You can still fuck this up and make it crash horribly. Although the checks in place will also throw a managed exception and if not catched and handled will gracefully shutdown the FDS. - Some design choices removed some support. For example there is no 'const' concept. But these choices shouldn't really limit your imagination. - That's about it of what I can come up with on top of my head right now. With any plugin interface there are a few 'gotchas' and for RenSharp those are: - Inheritance is pretty much the same as you would in Dragonade. Except static initialization (using macros to register stuff) will not work in C#. Further explanation how this is handled is discussed in the example plugin. - All managed classes are basically handles to their C++ variants. You can bind the C++ pointer using the appropiate constructor which takes an IntPtr as an argument. These handle classes are not inheriting from IDisposable and assume they are not in charge of cleaning up that handle. If one of these handle classes is wrapped around an IUmanagedContainer<T> class that means that you MUST dispose them when you're done with them. As these containers indicate that you are indeed in charge of cleanup. - If you pass ownership of an unmanaged pointer to the C++ side (which does the memory management) you should make sure to release the pointer on the managed side. To make sure the garbage collector never disposes it. Likewise, when you keep ownership on the managed side, you should keep a reference to the object for as long as you want to keep it alive. - Don't call any methods or use properties of which you don't really know what they do. You can screw it up. Otherwise, if you consider yourself well versed in this stuff, go right ahead. - Any more gotchas or usage are pretty much discussed in the example plugin. How to get started? The only config this adds to da.ini is 'RenSharpPlugins'. You name managed plugin .dlls the same way as you would under 'Plugins'. To start RenSharp you also need to add 'da_RenSharp.dll' under 'Plugins'. Preferably on position 1. But that is up to you. Then follow one of the instructions below: The quickest way to get started is to just use any Visual Studio version that can handle .NET 4.7.2. (for VS2019 you can just use the Visual Studio Installer to install .NET 4.7.2.). Create a new .NET 4.7.2. C# class library and search for the NuGet package 'Neijwiert.RenSharp' (right-mouse click on your project and click Manage NuGet Packages...) and click Install. All Renegade stuff is placed under the RenSharp namespace. When the NuGet package is installed it shows a readme.txt on how to properly set your target platform. You then have to place YourPlugin.dll, da_RenSharp.dll, ManagedRenSharp.dll and ManagedScripts.dll in your FDS folder. You can find these .dlls in 'YourPlugin\packages\Neijwiert.RenSharp.1.0.0\content' and 'YourPlugin\packages\Neijwiert.RenSharp.1.0.0\lib'. The slow way is to compile it yourself. You can download the ZIP file with the source, or from GitHub. Compilation requires you to have C++/CLI build tools installed (use Visual Studio Installer) and .NET 4.7.2. (also use Visual Studio Installer). You can use a newer Visual Studio version as long as you have Visual Studio 2012 installed on your computer, with latest updates (whenever it prompts you to update the projects when you open the solution, you need to hit cancel). For the C++ stuff you need the same requirements as you would when you build Dragonade. Then you can just add a .NET 4.7.2. class library project and add a reference to 'ManagedScripts'. Make sure you configurate the class library to build as x86. Then you're ready to build and use everything. I pretty much made all this without drawing out a plan. I made some design mistakes and I also couldn't test everything due to the size of it. If you find anything broken/not working or stupidly designed message met and I see if I can get it fixed. This also applies for new feature requests. The best way to approach me would be via GitHub probably or a PM here. This cost me a lot of time and effort to make and I hope you guys are going to enjoy it and hopefully open up modding to some more less experienced coders. Everything is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, which means you can do everything, but you must mention my name and include a copy of the license. I'm wide open to responses to this negative and positive, feel free to reply to this post. GitHub: https://github.com/Neijwiert/RenSharp NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Neijwiert.RenSharp
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    Version 1.0.9


    renlist provides the ability to retrieve server list from GameSpy and WOL. You can also connect to any listed servers by pressing "Connect" or double-clicking the selected server. P.S.: Always wanted to play C&C 3 Tiberium Wars in a First/Third Person setting? We are developing a standalone mod based off Renegade for it, you can try our test version for free already, simply download it as this topic details how:
  20. 1 point

    New Extended Renegade Map-Database

    Don't forget that rating maps in database is also important. Currently I'm only one who has rated more than couple. Don't be afraid to add maps too, currently its been mostly just me and trunks. Don't need necessary satellite image of map, few screenshots of map are fine also.
  21. 1 point


    @bad2gurlz ❤️
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    C&C BasinTS

    Aircraftkiller’s remake of his original Basin. Features modified Construction Yard interior, Power Plant roof access, and an excellent layout for all sorts of offensive tactics. https://youtu.be/CM-ih-dqo4E
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    lol. I did some research to check if it was really real but, turns out not real :(. N0w we can't eat Kane's Ch0c0late unless we beg EA to make them N0w! Original link to this picture: https://www.deviantart.com/kallebowo/art/CNC-TIBERIAN-PARK-Wallpaper-Kane-s-Schokolade-291866027 You can also find other stuff by him.
  24. 1 point

    Prehistoric Advanced Civilizations

    Another prehistoric advanced civilization (fiction) Ancient
  25. 1 point
    Pwn Call

    Prehistoric Advanced Civilizations

    More things I have been up to. Please subscribe, like and share!
  26. 1 point
  27. 1 point
    Prepare for Battle, love this band! Hope they do this again at more cities! I saw tour t-shirts online but I couldn’t see how/where to purchase one. I’d so want one!
  28. 1 point
    Tired of getting squished by vehicles also when you purchase them at squish area? Now look at the screenshot at the new anti-squish hack (obviously infinite health and armor :). All made by me. APC didn't squish me in photo as you can see. You can also check the other photo when I enter a vehicle the health changes to same (infinite). If you would like to buy one for 9999$ please call 01999-5122-7192, thanks for picking seifmagdi's hax FIN
  29. 1 point

    C&C Conquest Winter

    Not really bad but average. Darkness makes hard to see infantry (I guess thats the idea) but also makes my eyes hurt.
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    I've been playing online FPS games for years, in fact I started out with several of the very first FPS Games online yes online games like Maze War1973 , Wolfenstein 3D 1992, Doom 1993, QuakeNet, QuakeWorld, Unreal Tournament and many others "ON A DIALUP MODEM CONNECTION MIND YOU" before DSL /ADSL AKA Broadband was affordable. Some of you were not even thought of back then. In fact some off you may not know it many of the media sounds you are hearing in Renegade today are sounds that have been ripped from QuakeWorld and Unreal Tournament they have been around for over a 3 decades, yes they are that popular and just to be perfectly clear those main two games mentioned are still being played today around the world they have stood the test of time. UDP to QPort Baby.......Thanks to MR. Carmack.....It was a fun and invigorating beginning to Massively multiplayer online first-person shooters Gaming Online. Back in the days of dialup server gaming administrators and moderators did not take kindly to rude, obnoxious or otherwise less than desirable text or behavior of players. Nine out of ten times you would find yourself banned or otherwise booted from the server, however when myself and my good friend in Canada ran our own QuakeWorld server on a dialup connected game server accessible via around the world your name and DNS got black listed, our team would just gang up on you in game and make your gaming experiences really suck and without hacks or cheats. We would just log in with Qizmo proxy client force you onto opposite team and FRAG THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOU eventually you leave and not come back and if you did come back your gaming tactics and behaviors changed for the better "conducive to the environment" for our server of course this also meant we had to deal with server attacking if the right player knew what they were doing well that is a totally different manageable subject hacking someone back in the day was much easier than today and if you knew what you were doing you didn't get caught. Crashing someone's dialup modem was simple and easy a simple program called Aggressor could knock your crap offline in a matter of 30 seconds . "Today's Administrators and Moderators are more tolerant however there must be a thresh hold and there must be policing there must be a line of scrimmage a no tolerance point". If you guys remember, some of you won't or don't , back in the day it was the dominate thought that gamers were fat coke bottle eyed nerds. Living in their mothers basement’s, eating chocolate bars like a bad Eric Cartman experience on the WWW. If you mentioned gaming you were already deemed a nerd and a dork and would remain a social outcast until you did something exceptionally cool to prove your worthiness, which I still believe is a b.s tradition. As the times have changed it’s more popular to be a gamer now more so than ever. Back in the day we were questioning whether achievements, trophies and accolades ruined the FPS player experience and perhaps even tarnish a game depending on the content of the game. As Developers, Administrators and Moderators we all agreed that holding certain levels of accolades in any game does affect the gaming behavioral experience for all players including the ones whom have the highest accolades to the most inexperienced player we today have labeled N00Bs, somehow these players believe they are God's like Dag and Def only DAG and DEF certainly deserved the title as they not just were QuakeWorld & Unreal Tourney "GOD's" but they were also developers and they never ever let those accolades give them a big swollen heads, a right of passages to just be a rude, obnoxious and otherwise less than a desirable player or being an undesirable human being. The gaming community should not judge other gamers based on genitalia, sexual preference, age, trophy count" Accolades", color, race and anything that separates us in the real world. We should be tolerant, polite, kind and helping to more inexperienced players, unless of course you have that swollen head syndrome and you wouldn't want your accolades smashed by your PADWONS, that my friends is just being conceded and that is a very bad human trait, I personally wouldn't want you physically in my presence. -Think About that for a minute behaving a certain way in a game treats you to a look at being an imperfect human being with a bad trait in real life, a trait that you can change, owe the web's we weave in real life. Enough Ranting on Massively multiplayer online first-person shooters gaming history. What I have pointed out today is that some gamers are no better than the people who had outcast us back in the day and you give us a bad name. We were a family at one point. We all stuck together. Now we have factions and battle of the sexes with accolades to give us swollen heads. However as noted above when those undesirables reared their ugly heads well we dealt with them appropriately. So with all this said some of you will continue on your holeyer than thou moments in game "NOT REALITY", some of you will likely spit fire words or worse at me, slander me and otherwise continue with your in conducive behaviors in game but guess what after over 35 years of FPS gaming I have learned one valuable lesson. What I do in FPS gaming stay's in the game, what I do and how I behave in game is how I behave in the real world, some of you should think about this for a moment you might learn something and maybe find out you can be a better over all human being in real life. For me the unrelenting truth is I love FPS Gaming I only chose certain games to play I don't' play for the accolades for this particular game I am a US Navy Veteran, Retired Chemical Process Technician I am at home with this game Renegade, WE DONT WIN WARS AND RUN A POWER PLANT WITHOUT TEAM WORK there is no I in Team. For those of you whom carry pride in your KD Ratio's I applaud you however you should be told, it's only self serving NO ONE REALLY CARES......... Food for Thought if you have a heart: - We don’t know what kind of impact we may have on a person's life when random encounters throw us together so it's up to us to be responsible. You guys being prick's might be the catalyst to some poor kid killing himself when WE could’ve helped him all along. It is our responsibility to help each other. As gamers we should be united. From all walks of gaming life, we are all gamers and we should treat each other as such, with dignity, respect and otherwise conducive behavior to the environment . I play this game for relaxation, now if you want to try me out let's try QuakeWorld or Unreal Tournament you can pick the map and see who the Frags go to those games are second nature to me after 35 years, No I am not being CONCEDED, when you've been doing something for this long it's just second nature of course I don't really take the gaming as serious as I used to anymore that's what happens when you GROW UP........... Ripping a chapter from the 90's Have a fun gaming experience, it's just a game be kind rewind a bit stop being an undesirable human being its very unbecoming to the human race in general........ Let's see what the cat drags in..........
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    Happy New Year

    happy new year hope this year will be better than last
  32. 1 point

    Merry Christmass

    hope everyone has good and safe christmas
  33. 1 point

    C&C Niagra

    This is a very solid map. Every tactic has use here, but like always....team work will win this map. This is a fan favorite for sure!
  34. 1 point

    my eyes are dead

    Insignificant creatures
  35. 1 point
    Made a C&C Renegade End Game Beacon mod in Commando Level Editor. All I changed is deploy time, explosion time, price, radius of explosion, warhead type to blamo killer and name (names glitched because I forgot to do something extra in Commando Level Editor :P.) Also thumbnail passes the title name as I noticed first when I made the vidoe and was upploading the video to youtube from 1 month ago.
  36. 1 point

    The Origins - Status & More

    Yestarday I couldn't get gmax to work because I was busy upgrading my PC, I will start stream today in few hours.
  37. 1 point

    New link for Mutant Co-Op rank site

    Link updated to PS: I know it took a year :))
  38. 1 point

    C&C Halloween 2014

    One of the best infantry maps
  39. 1 point
    The Environment Setup Tutorial This tutorial will attempt to learn you how to setup your entire working environment for creating maps in gMax and the free provided Renegade Public Tools v2. It includes all the tools you need and they should be installed in this particular order: 1- The gMax Installation Files and Registration ByPass. (NOTE: Windows 8+ and 10 are NOT supported, you'll need Windows 7 or XP Pro to use gMax without glitches, there is NO fix for this.) 2- The official Renegade Public Tools version 2 from Westwood Studios. (Works fine with 8+ and 10) 3- The unofficial LevelEditor from Tiberian Technologies for support with 4.6 Scripts Update. (Works fine with 8+ and 10) 4- Some (semi) Critical Assets required for making a map for Renegade in gMax/RenX. 5- The XCC mixer i personally have been using since i don't know when, it's the best eventhough it's not the latest. Environment Guide Package Download the file i prepared as zip from the MPF download area: Once it is downloaded, make sure you unblock the file by going to the zip properties and clicking "Unblock" BEFORE you extract it. In this tutorial i will install EVERYTHING to do with mapping for Renegade in my folder on the D drive in "Renegade-Mapping". Go ahead and extract the zip somewhere, open it in a new window: And then copy the contents somewhere: Go into the #Installs folder that you extracted inside the Renegade-Mapping folder Step 1 - Install gMax and apply the registry fix We need to install gMax first, you MUST install it first or it won't work properly later. Open the gmax12+bypass.zip and copy files into your #Installs folder and then run gmax12.exe to install it. In this guide i am installing directly into the Renegade-Mapping folder so the endresult will be something like the following: Now, because the author of gMax doesn't send out emails anymore to register gMax for free, there is included a Autodesk.reg file, right click on that and choose Merge and when promted do Yes to merge it. When installation is done and you merged the registry thing, then run gMax for the first time. You will be prompted to select a rendering device, here you choose "Direct 3D" and continue. Once it has fully loaded you must exit gMax again. Step 2 - Install the official Renegade Public Tools v2 Extract the file Renegade_Tools_Installer_2.zip and run the executable, install it into your Renegade-Mapping folder, endresult should look simular to this: Go into the folder LevelEdit and you will see these files: Now delete (yes delete permanently) the LevelEdit.exe that is currently there, the original from Westwood. Extract the file LevelEdit46.zip and copy the resulting LevelEdit46.exe to your LevelEdit folder like so: Goto your Renegade GAME folder, which you updated to the latest TT Script Update (available on http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org ) Copy the following files to your LevelEdit folder and overwrite any existing ones there: "MemoryManager.dll" "Mss32.dll" "Shared.dll" "ttle.dll" You should end up with a LevelEdit folder looking like this: Now make a complete copy of your Renegade game folder (which is updated to 4.6 of course) and name it "RenegadeEditorGame", just copy and paste it somewhere like: Now open the Registry Editor through your startmenu "search" option type: regedit and open it. Expand the folders (or keys as they are called) until you are inside the Renegade folder/key. "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Westwood -> Renegade" You see the InstallPath option there? Double click on it and change its value to where your game2.exe is located in the RenegadeEditorGame you copied earlier, in my example here it would be: D:\Games\Westwood\RenegadeEditorGame\game2.exe Now close the Registry Editor program, we don't need it no more now, you don't need to save anything, it does so automatically. Run the Editor Ok, so we can finally run the editor now, go into the LevelEdit folder and run LevelEdit46.exe There click the "New..." button and call it for example "MyWork". Double click the MyWork in the window and it shall bring up the editor in action: You'll notice the editor created a folder called "MyWork": Which contains a few key folders the editor uses: Create a map project folder inside the levels folder like so: Inside this folder you will save your Editor's "C&C_My_Map.lvl" file and stuff related to your map such as W3D models/terrain and maybe textures, cinematic text files and/or audio. ALWAYS choose to "Save Current Level As..." inside the editor ALWAYS WHENEVER you want to save your progress, do NOT EVER use "Save Current Level" (trust me), period, or it will not update some files (lsd/ldd/ddb) for your map and it wont work properly when you make a .mix with XCC later on. For example the endresult could look like this: << i will update this guide later tonight or tomorrow, just 1 thing: If you have missing textures make sure you place them in your Editor_Cache folder and reload the editor >>
  40. 1 point

    MPF logo..thing

    about 2 weeks ago i had nothing better to do for an hour so i made this forum seems to hate it for some reason so ill just upload/link the damn thing and post a png screenshot 😐 > Link to video <
  41. 1 point

    R.I.P. zunnie

    I miss you my friend.
  42. 1 point

    R.I.P. zunnie

    I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to come here and pay my respects to someone who has helped shaped this community, Renegade and it's modding communities as a whole, not to mention inspired so many people to join in with their passion. I remember Zunnie from the Renegade days and then later for Red Alert: A Path Beyond, with co-op servers being amazing and something new and exciting to play! As much as our communities broke apart and we never saw eye to eye, I at least respected how much he actually spent working on W3D projects and how he had such a passion and drive to do the best he could and create something fun for as many people to enjoy! I had so many amazing games with many others when TCW came out, the amount of extra work that went into the functionality and content to make it as enjoyable as it was, was simply amazing. I heard that people from the community attended his funeral, told his family what he had achieved here and more. I'm glad that they got to hear about the side of him that they might not of known about, or if they did know that well at all. I hope wherever he is, whoever he's getting to help mod or play Renegade with him, that he's resting peacefully and that my thought will be with him. Command & Conquer has lost a great man, someone that'll never be replaced, not even close.
  43. 1 point
    Im gonna contac Un Rules folks for some link of older maps. We have had millions of them . I remember playing Ren from 2005 at UN till 2010-2012. Whola lotta maps
  44. 1 point

    Version 1.5.1


    SweetFX is an universal image improvement and tweaking mod, that works with Tiberium Crystal War and enhances visual quality by the use of special shaders. Don't forget to post your screenshots on our forums @ http://www.mpforums.com Thanks to rackzz for telling us about this SweetFX shader and it working with Tiberium Crystal War.
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    Laeubi: These are the light posts I made for Bio They have been created by taking inspiration from the tiberian sun light posts. Don't forget to add the texutures to your mod folder.
  47. 1 point
    Place the obelisk controller like this on the Obelisk in your map: Goto the properties of the obelisk controller and substract 41 from the Z value, enter the new value in the Z box and press OK. In this example: Old Value = 28.009 Substract - 41.000 New Value = 12.991 The controller will jump underneith the map, this is fine, and supposed to happen. Now when you play your map the obelisk will fire from the red top.
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    Any game released instant game trainer will be made by me muhahahaha. (to encahne your gameplay :P)
  49. 0 points
    Hello, I am Sander, Jan's older brother. Its sad but true, i have to inform you all that my kid brother passed away last thursday. I want to thank you all for all the good times you all shared with him, as i know he enjoyed many hours with all of you! Jan will be cremated tomoorw 17th at 14:00 EU time at Cremation centre at the city Schagen , North Holland. I hope you will all remember him, and keep a place in your hearts. Thanks all again for giving my brother so much good times and laughter. Regards, Sander Wessels
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