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rackzz last won the day on October 23 2018

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  1. rackzz

    Anyone good with html, php, etc.

    Well you could just use those Google blog thing, you can even host files up to 5GB (each file) for free. And im sure there are already some Google-Blog templates that you are looking for.
  2. rackzz

    A Toast to You

    Im sure Zunnie would be proud to see that topic 😊
  3. rackzz

    R.I.P. zunnie

    Many kisses to your brother men, we loved zunnie so much!
  4. rackzz

    renegade Screenie I found

    Oh look i found a video
  5. rackzz

    R.I.P. zunnie

    I only returned here to tell you RIP my friend. Damn i miss our nights we spent on Teamspeak and modding Renegade... RIP zun zun 😞
  6. rackzz

    Good bye MPF!

    Dont even think about leaving completly, im gonna send you all my refugees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. rackzz

    Beam Extreme

    WNxH3adSh00t´s reply was better than the game itselfe
  8. rackzz

    MPF UT4 Intro by Metalfist

    Very nice! sounds alot different than in Teamspeak
  9. rackzz

    Beam Extreme

    There´s no Renegade in it
  10. rackzz

    GReeneye's Frag video

    very nice i now know why i had a bad K/D
  11. Greene! do you do home workout or gym? im currently just sticking to home workout due my hard job
  12. rackzz

    Hello from GReeNeYe

    Hey green, very nice introductin how the hell you dislike ut2004 by the way welcome to MPF I hope we can see us ingame soon if you have personal or server related questions then you have to talk to zunnie i guess im gonna be online (europe time) this weekend. if so, you will find me and the other dudes at teamspeak (ts.mpforums.com) (even if you have no micophone, we are still glad that you have joined)
  13. rackzz

    Hi everyone

    welcome dude! i hope we can have some battles in the next time
  14. rackzz

    Was asked to join :)

    Heya dude cya ingame i just wont have much time this weekend

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