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  1. Hello Brothers ! i'm SpEeDr The Founder of BlackEagle CTF server which hosted by MPF For a while i was busy in study so that i can't play for many months but i'm already finished exams when i came back yesterday i didn't see the server on GSA list so i wondered if i can know what is the reason thanks
  2. Where is my friend guys i will not believe anyone [zunnie please come back]
  3. zunnie i will not  belive that news you are alive right ?

  4. For anyone who want to become a part of us.. Apply here and answer these questions and we will come back to you with our decision as soon as possible. Real name: Nickname: Age: Country: Do you have an IRC? if yes what's your nickname there ? Why do you want to be a moderator ? What will you do if you saw someone cheating ? Are you ready to wait in the server for more than 20 minutes until someone join the server ? Are you a moderator or admin in any another server ? Do you want to add anything else ?
  5. You have been REMOVED Sorry buddy! we need active mods
  6. Server Rules : ~ no cheating ~ no advertising of other servers ~ no intentional bug exploiting ~ respect everyone ~ no erroneous nicknames ~ no racism ~Spamming is not allowed Server Info : ~IP : ~Port : 5050 ~server moderators : Administrators: zunnie unknown SpEeDr hesh94 Full Moderators: Rossnisbe Half Moderators: Muslium Developers : @SpEeDr - Founder, allround devloper @zunnie - Coding
  7. Oh thanks for your application we will back to you soon
  8. Hey SpEeDr boobie, i was afk when you PM'd me on IRC :) Come jump on now?

    Or maybe Discord even, voice chat a bit, https://multiplayerforums.com/discord


    1. SpEeDr


      oh Okay i will come irc :D

  9. HI


  10. hi speedr can you plean unban me i was lock by the nati cheta 

    1. SpEeDr


       which server !

    2. HAVOCZX1


      in marathon it allways happen i downloaded the pack, where do i estract it @

  11. Version 1.0.0


  12. SpEeDr

    Med Selfie

    with hesh94 With GDI base With turrets with newtown19+hesh94
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