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  1. Reload fixed it on nextmap or current?
  2. There is a spawner and they seem to be ok now.
  3. The poll is not working for me so for the restore powerup... Should we include only include 'PP and ref' or 'all buildings' when picking up a building restore? Second part, what should the base HP if on revive? 25%, 50%, 75%, or full?
  4. gkl21


    PM me what you need in DA for this. We have a very custom scripts running for DA.
  5. When the beacon is in a location like that, I change to first person then I can aim and see more precise.
  6. Mine it problem solved. Let it be the team issue, I keep mining it myself as it is an area which all units can access.
  7. With the launcher, I feel that it is somewhat unfair how you have to go to C&C Renegade then select server / Play now to join a server, while Apex has their own area. Why not just add icons for RC and MPF so all three servers can be featured on the "home page" with update feeds to keep it all the same. This way it is on the main page of RenList and on the main page of W3d launcher.
  8. If a standard turret was there, it cannot be walked through and cannot be in a building. My vote is not allowed. slo would have to update the code to check for Is Attached To Building to avoid this. (and few other collision so not walk through, but that's another thing)
  9. I didn't enjoy Rivals too much.
  10. Updated main server and all is back to normal
  11. Thanks for the info. I got it running on the test server ok now, just need to update the main now
  12. If it is defenses, then I always allow it. If it's clearly meant to be for a building, then not allowed. Direct clarification in the rule would be good. Either: "No tunnel beacons to hit any building or defense" or "No tunnel beacons to hit buildings except for defenses"
  13. Illegal if hit a building. Typically they will drop buildings to 25-50%
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