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    : Finland

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
    Grand Theft Auto
    Renegade / W3d
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  1. vihannes2

    C&C Arctic

  2. vihannes2

    C&C Alpine

    Good map
  3. vihannes2

    C&C Conquest Winter

    Not really bad but average. Darkness makes hard to see infantry (I guess thats the idea) but also makes my eyes hurt.
  4. vihannes2

    C&C Conquest Island

    Average. I don't recall this ever being boring as there are lots of alternative ways to attack.
  5. vihannes2

    C&C TheCanyon

    Average infantry map. At its best with 30 minute time limit.
  6. vihannes2

    C&C TheCanyon

    Fairly small infantry map with Buggy and Humm-vee spawn in base. Both teams have 3 guntowers in base + 2 respawning ceiling guns at tunnel entrance.
  7. vihannes2

    C&C Gobi

    Usually boring map. Often game lasts up to time limit unless building is destroyed at the beginning. With max. 15min time limit would be better.
  8. vihannes2

    C&C Gobi

    Small infantry only map with tiberium in the middle. No defences
  9. vihannes2

    C&C Land Day

    Average map
  10. vihannes2

    C&C Land Day

    Fairly small map with two different sides to attack. 4 Turrets on nod, 4 guntowers on gdi
  11. vihannes2

    C&C MPF Meadows

    Good, well balanced map. Many weapon spawns and 3 crate spawns.
  12. vihannes2

    C&C Stockade

    Nice map. Almost never boring.
  13. vihannes2

    C&C Stockade

    No air units. 4 Turrets on nod and 4 Guntowers on gdi.

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