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  1. kuva.png.62450d950bf01ad3612e529fdce1863f.png Happy birthday RoCkStAr

    1. RoCkStAr


      Thank you Vihannes ! Lova ya :D

  2. Happy birthday zunnie. We all miss you.

  3. Large map and no main defence = nod almost always win by stanks. Not the worst map tho.
  4. I've always kinda liked this one even tho its small and not so easy to break through into enemy base.
  5. This is fine map. I'm not big fan of dark maps tho.
  6. Small but well balanced map. 4 turrets on nod and 4 guard towers on gdi
  7. One of my favourites
  8. Well balanced map with many weapon and crate spawns. Two routes between bases
  9. Don't forget that rating maps in database is also important. Currently I'm only one who has rated more than couple. Don't be afraid to add maps too, currently its been mostly just me and trunks. Don't need necessary satellite image of map, few screenshots of map are fine also.
  10. I've always liked this because its so different from other maps.
  11. Game mode is little different compared to normal: GDI has objective to defend Medical center against nod attack. If nod failes to destroy it gdi wins. 3 routes between bases one agt on each side.
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