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  1. Vile Facility Questions

    Whoever killed you might have been in Forgotten hub area and thrown grenade over hill and pp into right next to door. But as you had so low health I think it could have been thrown from tunnel also.
  2. IA D3 Moded maps balance?

    I'd say that making it possible to kill melta char by driving over it would be perfect solution to balance it. Main problem I'd see with tanks balance is on maps with upgrades. Nod tank upgrade doubles armor and health while gdi only gets 1.5X. This should be equal on both teams.
  3. I've had few players asking about where they could read more about imperial age units, upgrades and stuff but site (https://imperial.multiplayerforums.com/) where all info was hasn't been working for some time now. Do we have that info saved up so it could be added here?
  4. yes what is what

  5. Happy Birthday WNxServer

    Happy Birthday
  6. renegade Rotation update December

    Yes because flame tanks had been already disabled on that map.
  7. renegade Rotation update December

    Problem wasn't turbo flamer, it was that normal flamethrower gun makes crazy amount of damage on that map. Much more than turbo flamer would do as one or two infantry with normal flamer gun killed buildings from outside in few seconds.
  8. renegade Rotation update December

    Can you remove Arctic from rotation plz. it has that bug with flamer (gun) and you can kill buildings in few seconds with it.

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