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  1. How can I, I am banned on all unreal forums and channels. Why bother =)? I don't even support the game anymore. I will think about it. And obviously you didn't understood my post. "Community is not a player according to dev RZE" and he banned me on all channels and I even apologized and left with one. So why bother" questionmark" then still stands... I supported game since year 1999, and I am not community good job "dev".
  2. Hi, I am wondering since I am banned on all unreal channels. Including even twitch.tv... should I even continue working on Rankin and give an update? Will I be able to put my map on marketplace eventually? I apologized million times, and I wrote to flak goodbye and goodluck. And she didn't answer me, alexander paschal banned me on ue4 forums also for "harrasing devs". This all started cause I said to RZE he should do a better job, and I got instant lifetime ban on forums. And he said that I am not community, and players are not community. I wasted money on the game, and supported tournaments and played for my country. 17 years of my life playing unreal tournament series. And he says I am not community, cause I dont "contribute", then I responded you should do a better job, this was on may 2016 update, since then I have given 1 map update, cause crocopede decided to leave the project after I gave him files. I can generate map, that has fixed light issues etc. Also RANKIN-BC has been part of many tournaments so far, including ESL. I didn't recieve any feedback also so far.. and I don't know if its worth it. What would you do guys in my place? Cheers, Bass3.
  3. bass3


    Version 0.4


    This version brings some fixes to BSP, I will need to redo alot of walls since they are not in grid as they should be, this is an update only for upcoming cups on ESL an other. Hope you guys enjoy, even so you can see bugs on walls and floors. Please remind yourself, this is really really early version of what map will look like. I am open to suggestions about regarding, weapons, ammo, jump boots, armor and other placement. Greetz, BaSS3!
  4. Hi, since RZE banned me on forums I wanted to let you know I will be releasing next update on this map. Since it was me who started the map itself. I moved shield belt to middle of map, so now its risk and take same goes for DD which I have returned to original position, and removed easy climb up escape route. The sniper and stinger swap idea is very nice but I dont like current ammo positions. Also I will need map testers this week before new release, and map is open to sugestions. After next build I am moving to fixing the last bits by community recommendations, then its time to last and hardest part meshing the map and applying materials and textures. For any questions, suggestions or want to help meahing and making materials for map you can PM me for now or write here so I can see it. Cheers, BaSS3
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