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  1. Gone, but long from forgotten. Zunnie was the most friendliest person I met in Ren. He would spend hours with me on TS3 explaining mapping and helping me through his tutorials. When basically the whole ren community shunned me, he stood by me and was reliable. I always knew that if he was around i would have someone to talk to. If it wasn't for zunnie, I probably wouldn't have joined RenX as a beta tester, and more recently as a developer. I owe him for this life opportunity I was given. It's hard to imagine someone as friendly and helpful like him is gone. Hopefully we can all be a little more like him. I can't imagine how his family feels. Rest In Peace Jan. -taisho/Sarah
  2. Meowi


    *stands quietly on the side and watches the earth shake*
  3. Meowi


    My 2GB Sapphire 270 can barely handle games like RenX, which are mostly limited by CPU.
  4. Meowi


    Depending on what you're wanting to use it for. If youre into rendering or playing real modern day AAA games, like Battlefield or something like that you'll need way more than 3GB Ram. 16GB is standard these days imo.
  5. I used to have problems with this community yet look at me now.
  6. Do you enjoy what you do? Do what you love.
  7. Meowi


    Oops, missed. Hope you had a good one
  8. Meowi


    Happy bday to the biggest nub of MPF
  9. God help my eyes. Text color is eye breaking
  10. I'm working on an associate's in Computer Science
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