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  1. Happened to me a few times on a different installation of windows, I don't remember which OS it was, does it consistently happen on specific maps?
  2. 15

    Nearly as old as me while I haven't been here as long as most, it's certainly very fun!
  3. Sounds too cheap and makes killing ref less of value
  4. It's about the same if not lower as Renegade
  5. I mean it is called 'NewMaps'.
  6. *stands quietly on the side and watches the earth shake*
  7. There's a process of adding the map to a few different files if you want it on like a Hub, otherwise it's just that one file for a regular server.
  8. Welcome ^^
  9. Isn't that a custom map?
  10. RedirectReferences=(PackageName="DiRifle-WindowsNoEditor",PackageURLProtocol="",PackageURL="redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/anarki02f8/DiRifle-WindowsNoEditor.pak",PackageChecksum="f2fce087cf71408edb5ddf02a0fe4dd4") I always use this helpful tool.
  11. Discord is like skype and teamspeak combined. all servers are free
  12. PCs

    My 2GB Sapphire 270 can barely handle games like RenX, which are mostly limited by CPU.
  13. PCs

    Depending on what you're wanting to use it for. If youre into rendering or playing real modern day AAA games, like Battlefield or something like that you'll need way more than 3GB Ram. 16GB is standard these days imo.
  14. I used to have problems with this community yet look at me now.
  15. Do you enjoy what you do? Do what you love.