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  1. DM-Spirit

    I am obsessed with the spinning decals holding the weapons! Thanks Barsam!
  2. CTF-Core_Shell

    Is the map playable now? Would be fun to try it maybe Zunnie can add it to hub for 24 hours? Also u might be able to submit it for the mapper event and get feedback/ I like the screenshot!
  3. What are you currently listening to?

    `cause smokin' and trippin' is all that you do http://www.iommi.com/equipment/red-gibson-sg-monkey/ I have a red SG!
  4. Dr.Flays Laboritory

    These are great thanks Doc.
  5. Beautiful! Be careful or Zunnie will come and take your coffee! what is your cats name? here is KiKi, kiks for short. .
  6. yo ggs last nite!  Y'all can fight for the shield belt in Deadfall all u want. Vest and UD are mine!

    1. barsam2


      Haha, yes, were some good matches! 

      Belt area in Deadfall is great fun :D

  7. Hi everyone

    Hey triangle!!! good to see you here!
  8. GReeneye's Frag video

    Great vid!! Thanks Green
  9. I had to make sure they washed their hands each time they started playing because they kept greasing up my keyboard and laptop! IMG_0078.MOV
  10. DM-Arc

    This is a fun map!!
  11. hey everyone!

    Kier glad us saw my reply on Epic forums. team speak is a cool way to play and get to know members better! Looks like a new duel map posted today. Am up for a duel anytime I'll send a friend request in game.
  12. DM-Arc

    This looks great! Thanks Numb! Are we playing this tonite Zunnie?
  13. ut4 DM-Nitro

    haven't got it yet maybe tonite!! thanks MoxNix this map rules !!
  14. Dr.Flays Laboritory

    Hey Dr.Flay do u do any of these mashups for UT4? they look really fun. -trumpee
  15. Hey Zunnie really fun games this weekend. Hope u r doing well today. Hey i do a lot of ebay as kind of a side business and have a surfeit of gaming peripherals and other stuff. I want to offer a prize for best frag video for the throwback weekend. rules are  video/description must prominently promote mpforums and (ut4?) must show at least one trumpee getting fragged (and one  zunnie?) .Bonus if sound track is song Old school by Jim Breuer. Prize is winner choice of Logitech G502 or Razer Mamba TE (these are like new condition) . What do you think? thanks -trumpee

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