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  1. Agt Launcher/ Ob Gun for vet points?

    Agt gun sucks enough as it is, don't need to drop it's power.
  2. Remember your first Renegade match/matches?

    My first match was on under on the storm server. Was a interesting first game as I pissed a lot of people off blocking the entrance with a mammy cause I didn't want to die. Lol.
  3. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    Depends on the map. Some maps you see more than others, but part of that is also due to how many weapon spawns a map has.
  4. Question on OB/AGT Guns

    OB gun will disappear if you buy a new char before the 3 min timer. Not sure about refill.
  5. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    Very few maps even have 0 defenses. Those that only have gts and turrets are normally well defended for most buildings, so check your least defended one first then. Its not that hard.
  6. 10 Second IONs/Nukes at Renegade

    No. They are part of the game and what makes things interesting. I wasnt there, bit whats "bullshit" is that.your team left the base undefended. It's the teams fault for not defending. As for disarming them. They are much easier to disarm than normal beacons because of the 10 second delay, so unless you had few or no defenders, should be easy to disarm, even with engies.
  7. b2b mines

    1. From the top of the hill you aren't inside base limits anymore, so how can that be B2B then? 2. Any Nod unit can attack a MRL sitting there, tanks and infantry both. Last I checked, B2B means being covered by your own base when clearly, you aren't from the top. 3, Nod already has a clear advantage on the map with the OB as it covers parts of the middle of the map where as the AGT can't cover any of it. If you still disagree with this, then I move to make arties on the Bunker maps against the rules then as NOD can clearly hit the bar from the HON side and point whore while having full coverage from their base by simply driving backwards a few feet. EXACT same circumstances as mines as GDI can't do the same to nod, so either both are allowed or disallowed then.
  8. b2b mines

    The way I understand the map, you have to be at the top of the hill to fire at OB. The issue we had before was people sitting on the bar side of hill, unable to be sniped, and hitting buildings. So long as you are at the top part, your safe.
  9. Gobi map

    This is the map with a PP, ref, and hon/bar with a tib field in the center that everyone camps the harv's. Is there no way to make the harv's invincible? It's a ridiculously long map to play when it's nothing but camping.
  10. This map...

    I agree. It's too hard to judge some maps until you look around and see how it even plays out. I would say allow all round. Who cares when a vote is put in, we just want votes to see what is liked/disliked.
  11. Congratulations America

    I knew he would win. Thank god too. Would have been the end of the US if she had won.
  12. Have you guys ever met in real life?

    She's not a PC gamer like me. She prefers consoles. Hugs aren't bad. I just won't hug strangers. Most other people I'm alright with hugs.
  13. Have you guys ever met in real life?

    I haven't met anyone here, but I do recall people passing near by where I live. I've only met 1 person from the online world and that would be my wife. We originally met online and I thought she was a he, so yeah. Was a big surprise when I meet her at a local convention and things moved up from there. Would always love to meet people, but I sadly can't travel much, mostly cause of work, unless I'm traveling for work. lol
  14. HP Laptop error "Boot device not found"

    You have one of three issues. 1: Your hard drive is bad/dead thus the laptop can't see anything to boot from. 2: You have a blank hard drive in the laptop that has nothing on it. 3: You have some other issue with cables or the mother board. Doubt this one since you can load the bios. To test this out, remove the hard drive and plug it into another computer and attempt to boot off that drive. If it works, then you have mother board issues, if it doesn't, then you have either 1 or 2 above.
  15. Vote poll for more time?

    Takes that long just to vote. I like 15 minutes.

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