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  1. The Desktop Topic

    This would be my setup. Bit messy. Haven't cleaned it in a while as I've been focusing on getting my unborn daughters room ready.
  2. This map...

    I agree. It's too hard to judge some maps until you look around and see how it even plays out. I would say allow all round. Who cares when a vote is put in, we just want votes to see what is liked/disliked.
  3. Congratulations America

    I knew he would win. Thank god too. Would have been the end of the US if she had won.
  4. Have you guys ever met in real life?

    She's not a PC gamer like me. She prefers consoles. Hugs aren't bad. I just won't hug strangers. Most other people I'm alright with hugs.
  5. Have you guys ever met in real life?

    I haven't met anyone here, but I do recall people passing near by where I live. I've only met 1 person from the online world and that would be my wife. We originally met online and I thought she was a he, so yeah. Was a big surprise when I meet her at a local convention and things moved up from there. Would always love to meet people, but I sadly can't travel much, mostly cause of work, unless I'm traveling for work. lol
  6. HP Laptop error "Boot device not found"

    You have one of three issues. 1: Your hard drive is bad/dead thus the laptop can't see anything to boot from. 2: You have a blank hard drive in the laptop that has nothing on it. 3: You have some other issue with cables or the mother board. Doubt this one since you can load the bios. To test this out, remove the hard drive and plug it into another computer and attempt to boot off that drive. If it works, then you have mother board issues, if it doesn't, then you have either 1 or 2 above.
  7. forums What are your thoughts on the forum layout?

    I like the colors now, but the layout was better a long time ago. I guess it really hasn't changed too much, but it's just different. The visual feel doesn't seem the same. Was easier to see sub forums and all before, but this was back when I first joined MPF, so yeah. Kinda wish the looks went back to then.
  8. Who do you think will win the election?

    Who do I think will win, Hillary. Who should win, Trump. Our system is corrupt and Hillary is as corrupt as corrupt can get. She'll win by cheating and hide all the facts. You think Obama is bad, she's worse..... I'm for trump all the way, especially because he's protecting my 2nd amendment and that's all you need to know about that. Also, fr those that don't believe Trump has more support than Hillary. Try looking up the video's of Trumps rallies and compare them to Hillary's. They pan the camera at Trumps and not her's to hide the fact her rally sizes are an illusion.
  9. Bored and messing around

    That was one fun time we all shared. Love the comments you added as well. Especially the "Noob! Get your arse over here!" one cause that's exactly what I thought when you stayed over there. lol
  10. NXwolf

    Only just now saw this. lol. Goes to show you I don't browse the form much outside of the renegade section. lol
  11. renegade Welcome r3surr3ctx

    Welcome to the team!
  12. renegade Classic Maps Installed

    It was so nice playing the old maps last night. Really missed them.
  13. Every time you do a crtl 7 ingame in plays the afirmative sound in chat. There is an icon that appears above the players head when that is done. That same icon can't be seen by the enemy team, but as a spy, you can see it, thus lighting up stealth units. There a dead give away something is there.
  14. I noticed that when you are a GDI spy character, that you can see stealth units from miles away if you got good vision. When you use the crtl, alt, and crtl+alt keys, you can see the symbols above the nod units as if they were GDI. It lights up the stealth units like a sore thump. I like that being a spy can do that, but not sure if that was intentional or not due to how the spy side's on a team.

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