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  1. BlackHorse and I WhiteHorse will drop by this weekend and support the server with the number of players 😄 If we have time
  2. I'm already there, I'm already advertising ^^
  3. lol 🤣🤣 i have shown it to BlackHorse best of BlackHorse and WhiteHorse 😄 nice Videos ^^ BlackHorse writes i love you Dark🤣 ^^
  4. And when is this event? And what be in this event ??
  5. we hope it, forever C&C
  6. hi are we still so well known? ^^ 😀 no, I haven't heard of a Renegade 2 this is new for me I only know Renegade X but the I personally find bad i saw the trailer by Earthbreakers can you then select the speech output there or is there only English? and is the game free to play?
  7. the Problem is the the new player with not even knowing that this game can still be played online 😞 my guess is only if there is a remake of C&C Renegade wiht new servers then a lot of players would play the new C&C Renegade because they just have to install the game and do not need any other programs besides it. This is easier for some not quite C&C Generals Zero Hour and other C&C games still alive😉 C&C Revora keeps the old strategy game alive which is a good thing👍 because I play a lot of C&C Generals ZH myself
  8. thanks for the info😀 I hope that this great game will never die out i hope that the new C&C team also creates a remastered renegade with new online servers, just as it used to be where you could rent your own server because as far as I know, remastered C&C and I believe C&C Red alert 1 too will be released this year 2020 what do you think about it?
  9. Hello guys sorry for me bad english i come form Germany why are there hardly any people online here, I haven't been online for a year now. But every now and then, one day I come online and the servers are constantly empty. Then I met someone who was online and said all people left because of the hackers. What I can hardly imagine is not going to disappear to over 100 people. Then I was told that on the weekends I should give it a try, there should be more going on, but even there is almost nothing going on. what happened here???? there was an update from which I didn't get anything guys where did you all go ?? I want to play C&C Renegade on MPF server again, it's just not fun alone. I can still remember a lot of games where it really went like in the video: wieso sind hier kaum noch leute online, ich war jetzt ein jahr nicht mehr richtig online. Aber hin und wieder schon, eines tages komm ich online und die Server sind andauernd leer. Dann Habe ich einen getroffen, der war gerade online der meinte alle leute sind gegangen wegen den hackern. Was ich mir nur schwer vorstellen kann da nicht jetzt auf gleich über 100 leute verschwinden. Dann wurde mir gesagt, an den wochenenden soll ich es mal versuchen, Da soll mehr los sein aber selbst da ist so gut wie nix mehr los. was ist hier passiert???? gabs hier ein Update von dem ich nix mitbekommen habe guys wo seid ihr alle hin?? ich will mal wieder C&C Renegade auf MPF server spielen, bloß allein macht das kein Spass. Ich kann mich noch an viele spiele erinnern wo es richtig abging wie hier im Video ich würde mich auf eine Antwort freuen wenn hier überhaupt noch einer lebt
  10. i have even a level editor edit but this does not have any tools top right Video.flv the leveledit editor have i from Renegade_Tools_Installer_2 the and has no tools help me plz
  11. helle, guys i have a problem and these problem is I with the LevelEdit cannot load more map but only since I the Ultimate Collection have I play with the Ultimate Collection pack Here a video Video.flv can me a fast help plz I go soon in the vacation and I'd like to finish my map for the server
  12. for zunnie i have a video created where are you that again can watch Level Editor Error.mp4
  13. i have a Level Editor problem when I load the Level Editor give after 2-3 seconds a error Video.flv help me plz...
  14. ask I build currently on a map is for the MPF UltraAOW NewMaps server! now my question I need the 3DS max where everything goes easier can me one the link send plz? if but without Virus I had the 3DS max but with Virus I translate all with google translator may be that not everything 100% English is
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