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  1. Tiny, do you have any copies of the old servers zunnie worked on?

  2. R.I.P old friend you will be sadly missed by the entire Renegade community your work will live on through the skills you taught us all. Raising a cup of coffee for you tonight. R.I.P a Renegade legend
  3. Tiny

    your PSN gamertag

    Only problem PS3 and ps4 users cant play each.
  4. Bullvipe contact me on TS I'll give you his cell number to text him its what I used 2 do xD
  5. Bdod go to start > my documents > Renegade > Client > Delete Config.dat start Renegade and your controls will be reset to default m8. Regards, Tiny.
  6. Come on Mofo join the big spenders and get a top of the range gaming PC fuck AMD go with Intel and Nvidia for the GFX card I did and I get no FPS lag what so ever
  7. Yes the host can do something about and so can you guys. Its called Hardware Firewall. Edit: And DJ if your refering to me then sorry but ddos'in ppl here is sort of a big NO to me as I still have a few friends here who help me out a lot like Bigjimer1 and Whitenyte
  8. Tiny


    You know theres a lot more to this story LOL ask him why he was banned over at Rencorner because he was Dating Anipedooski LOL... Regards, Tiny.
  9. Tiny

    Hey everyone

    Well bigjimer is great target practice I still remember that day I made him rage quit on field cause he got killed by me 32 times :D Regards, Tiny.
  10. Tiny

    Hey everyone

    Long time no see Commander I think its about time you got back on this battlefield and show these n00bs how to play Renegade properly (aka Bigjimer1)
  11. Tiny

    Hello (:

    Hands off wyld she's still my property remember and o ye HI LIZARD
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