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  1. RoCkStAr

    Happy birthday
  2. zunnie

    Thanks all
  3. Gone till Wednesday

    I will be gone till wednesday morning. I have to pickup the key of my new appartment cya all later. Probably the next 3 weeks or so i will be busy moving stuff over, painting, flooring, and whatnot. @Metalfist will update the DE and US Unreal Tournament 4 HUBs. When i get home, i can update the NL HUB. So the NL HUB will be offline till Wednesday evening or so.
  4. Setup an Pre-Alpha HUB

    Ports If you followed this guide you need to open/forward the following UDP ports on your LAN to the target IP running your HUB: Network Center & Find LAN IP Right clickt he Networking Icon on your taskbar at the bottom right near the clock and choose "Open Network and Sharing Center": On the next screen click on the Connection for your Network, in my case it is called "Local Area Connection", A window will pop up where you click on "Details" and finally you can view the "IPv4 Address" in the window that popped up. That IP is the IP you enter in your router forwarding rules for the HUB. Any connections for the ports mentioned earlier will then be forwarded to the IP you run the HUB on and players can join/ping the HUB then. Notes about Performance You have to think of a maximum number of server instances that can run on your HUB at once. To be clear: A "server instance" is a match started from within the HUB by a player. If you have 4 cores and a min of 8GB RAM you can probably get away with 8 instances, maybe 10. If you have 6 cores and a min of 12GB RAM you can do 12 or 14. If you have plenty of RAM and cores then the general rule would be to multiple the number of cores you have by 2 or 2.5 for the maximum number of instances for your HUB. This way you will not overload the cores with too many instances (in my personal opinion). Server Instance Ports Note that i used the port 25000 UDP as the "StartingInstancePort". If you allow a maximum of 10 instances on your HUB you would need to forward the ports 25000 up to 25010 UDP in your router. If you have a kickass pc and have a maximum of 20 instances you would need to forward the ports 25000 up to 25020 in your router. For every extra server instance you add +1 to the port range you need to forward. Good luck and have fun hosting for your clan/community/personal needs
  5. Ported by Metalfist. Author: Cliff Bleszinski
  6. New donation by newtown19

    Thanks again for your $30 USD donation, @newtown19 , very nice
  7. New donation by ChickenNoodle

    Thanks a lot, once again, for your donation of $32.99 @ChickenNoodle <3
  8. Daily Report: Country Report: File Report:
  9. Here a short video of the map DM-Malevolence originally by Rich 'Akuma' Eastwood for Unreal Tournament 99, for Unreal Tournament 4 by @MoxNix
  10. Where are you?

    Discord is very popular in UT4 and lots of people use it, it only makes sense that we also have a server/channel on it. There seem to be more users on our Discord than there ever were on IRC/TS3 for UT4 too (not talking other games though). It's also much easier to invite people to join there because most of them are already on Discord. But again, using discord doesn't mean we stop using TS3 and IRC, i'm on both.
  11. Where are you?

    We're on both TS3 and Discord a lot, it's not like we 'moved' to discord completely. I do also notice a decrease in activity on ts3, i'm there a lot myself again lately but i haven't seen @trumpee and @tornadoTILLEY a lot. They have their reasons for being a bit inactive at the moment. It will pick up again i hope, for instance, you could join me on ts3 now? I'm thar!
  12. MPForums.com UT99 I've set up a two new ranked/trusted server in the Netherlands and United States for 10p max each, running only UT99 remakes and ported maps. The map rotation DM-Agony by @Metalfist DM-Bishop by @MoxNix DM-Codex by @MoxNix DM-Curse by @Metalfist DM-Gothic by @MoxNix DM-Liandri by @Metalfist DM-Malevolence by @MoxNix DM-Mojo by @MoxNix DM-Morpheus by @Metalfist DM-Nitro by @MoxNix DM-Phobos by @MoxNix DM-Tempest by @MoxNix DM-Turbine by @MoxNix DM-Viridian by @barsam2 DM-Zeto by @MoxNix Have fun in the servers And spread the word about it Thanks.

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