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  1. Here a sneak preview of the GDI Refinery in max receiving a complete overhaul.
  2. Revision: 526 Author: zunnie Date: Monday, April 30, 2018 8:22:21 AM Message: New editor executable with splash screen and 3.8 GB Ram usage fix from @Jerad2142. ---- Modified : /Editor2/TCW2_Editor.exe Deleted : /Other/Editor Icons Added : /Other/Editor Resources Added : /Other/Editor Resources/Editor_Bitmap.psd Added : /Other/Editor Resources/TCW2_Editor_Icon.ico Added : /Other/Editor Resources/TCW2_Editor_Icon.png Added : /Other/Editor Resources/TCW2_Editor_Icon.psd Added : /Other/Editor Resources/editor_splash.bmp
  3. Revision: 525 Author: zunnie Date: Monday, April 30, 2018 6:28:37 AM Message: Fix GDI Barracks mesh prefix in controller. ---- Modified : /Client/Data/TCW_Spikewar2.mix Modified : /Client/Data/always.dbs Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.ddb Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.ldd Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.lsd Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.lvl Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.mix Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/presets/objects.ddb
  4. Revision: 523 Author: zunnie Date: Sunday, April 29, 2018 8:58:20 AM Message: Add Waypath for Map Recording. ---- Modified : /Client/Data/TCW_Spikewar2.mix Modified : /Client/Data/always.dbs Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.ddb Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.ldd Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.lsd Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.lvl Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Spikewar2/TCW_Spikewar2.mix
  5. Testing the code that follows a specific path around the level, perfect for making map video's.
  6. No i was not I just <3 Renegade Engine and C&C 3 Tiberium Wars
  7. The new TCW2 Ingame Main Menu as it is, some options may be changed in the future though:
  8. Having some problems that aren't resolved yet with the builder... I'll pm you a link with the ttfs mappack files instead for now. See pm for details.
  9. I'm having some problems creating the new installer at the moment, the compiler crashed 5 times on me now lol Resolving it soon i hope. I'll post here when it's done :/
  10. I'm in the process of building a new Mappack installer. Should be in our downloads area soon. If you continue to have problems download that (Version 34 not Version 33) and install it. I'll post here again today when its updated the download.
  11. They are not the maps you are downloading at this point. We updated the server with other updates, not map related. Do you have a few hours? I am about to create a new Installer for our server content, should be available in 2-5 hours from now Maybe you could join discord if you like to text and/or voice chat with me and the other devs @ https://multiplayerforums.com/discord
  12. You say you have to "download all maps AGAIN", what do you mean by that? Did it or did it not download? The downloader should work fine. What is your internet speed download and upload? Do you have a fast pc/laptop? The downloader has to process a lot of somewhat smaller files, it could hang on that maybe?
  13. A full first test of the GDI Infantry Barracks in the game. Nice!
  14. The flag that will wave in the wind on your GDI Infantry Barracks:
  15. Here the GDI Infantry Barracks model in the Editor:
  16. Created by someone who wishes to remain anonymous for now:
  17. Version 1.0


    ................................. ....www.multiplayerforums.com.... .......irc.cncirc.net.#mpf....... ...._____ _____________________.. .../ \\______ \_ _____/.. ../ \ / \| ___/| __).... ./ Y \ | | \ .... .\____|__ /____| \___ / .... .........\/..............\/...... .....04/08/[email protected]:04AM...... ........discord:gzgCvrq.......... ................................. If you purchased the Ultimate Collection from Electronic Arts on their Origin Platform you will not be able to play Renegade right away. You will get errors because E.A. made changes to the game files that were non-existant back in 2002. Some errors you may get, or a multiple thereof: To fix this you could install this fix. RenList 1.09 is included with this fix, you must however configure it through the Options->Settings and set the path to UAC Launcher in your Renegade folder from Origin. See readme when fix is done installing. Installing this fix will also update your Renegade to Tiberian Technologies 4.6 right away so you can play on pretty much all servers out there. Have fun in Renegade Greetz zunnie
  18. I've added these stats to the server, you can look them up for anyone ingame by typing !stats <player>
  19. Download our Standalone Client based on Renegade with everything included here: I just happen to update it not too long ago. If you need help i suggest you join us on discord @ https://multiplayerforums.com/discord
  20. Hello everyone, as you can see SpEeDr and me started working on a new version of Crazy Capture The Flag originally thought up and created by Jessica back in 2004-5 or something. It was immensly popular then because it had many custom weapons, little secrets and special stuff. I've fixed a few glitches here and there in the source code provided by Jonwil in the TT 4.6 server scripts and combined it with Dragonade 2.92's latest release by @Whitedragon. Vehicles are enabled in Crazy CTF, though only the APC's and Hummer + Buggy. You cannot pickup the flag while inside a vehicle, nor can you drive in it while carrying the flag, you can however be a passenger of a vehicle. Furthermore you need to know that you cannot capture the flag while you are inside a vehicle, you have to get out and walk over the flag pedestal to actually score. Returning your own flag while inside a vehicle and driving over it, is possible. You can look up the !score and your capture- and some other gaming stats by typing !stats <playername> Those stats are processed once every map at the gameover event for every player in the server. If you leave the server before the end of the map; tough luck, your stats are lost for that map. (i will see if i can fix this soon tho). If you have bug reports, concerns, feature requests or thoughts about Crazy CTF then feel free to post them here. TODO - A bug or feature that will be fixed sooner or later PENDING - This has been fixed but has yet to be installed on the server DONE - This has been done and is applied on the server NEGATIVE - This will not be fixed or added TODO List: Coming shortly.......
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