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  1. A zunnie remake of Hourglass with a redesigned layout, additional tunnels, and extra capturable silo’s.
  2. A large wide open map with a silo in the middle for capturing. Soldiers and vehicles have low gravity.
  3. A unique map with teleportation pads that take you from one island to another, as you defend your base from assault. The Power Plants here are miniature, and have no MCTs.
  4. Large sniping map from the walls in C&C_Orca_Heights_D3.
  5. Medium sized map with levels in walls, and sentries on them.
  6. Medium sized map with several ways to bases. Tunnels in map gives access to rear Construction Yards and Tiberium Refineries. Map also features a hidden tunnel leading to a one-time Obelisk Gun spawner.
  7. Medium sized map with wide tunnel system. There are tunnels to Refineries from field, cave in middle with a secret tank and Forgotten Hub, and small pipes in bases with holes and breaks.
  8. Reskin of C&C_Walls_Flying, with capturable SAM Sites and Repair Facilities at base gates.
  9. MPF version of C&C_Blaat, with custom MPF buildings, units and structures.
  10. Same as C&C_MPF_Hourglass, but with a Helicopter Pad and flying units.
  11. Remake of C&C_Hourglass with an extended range of minor base defenses.
  12. MPF remake of C&C_High_Altitude with no trees.
  13. Medium-large map with 2 main base defenses. Few combinations to reach enemy base, with a tunnel to Power Plants.
  14. MPF remake of Cairo with few cool changes, for example killing one of the Power Plants disables the closest Base Defense.
  15. Small map with two mountains seperating bases, creating a narrow way.
  16. Medium sized infantry map with APC spawner and custom units.
  17. Large map, with 3 way access to bases; naval units, and corners.
  18. Small and fast paced map, with very close bases.
  19. Small infantry map, with small money income and underground rooms.
  20. Large map with a lot of possible ways to bases, destructible bridge near Nod base.
  21. Medium sized map with 3 ways between bases; tunnels, lower way and hill way. There's a Tiberium Machine and a Forgotten Hub in tunnel way.
  22. A bit large map, with hills around. Attacking the bases head on is more difficult than most maps since the entry point leading to the defenses is fairly wide open.
  23. A good map for both team rushes, and solo base kill due to the size, and layout of the battleground! Always a busy map, and always something to do!
  24. Capture nodes by repairing and hold them to earn score and win.
  25. Flying version of C&C_MPF_Volcano, which is a reskin of original C&C_Volcano.
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