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  1. zunnie's post in Coop problems was marked as the answer   
    I think i wil remove those maps from rotation for now, at least the Joipa one, its performance is quite bad because of a lot of bots on there. I can run it fine but my pc is maybe a bit faster.
    Let me remove Joipa from rotation... brb, go join
  2. zunnie's post in Second Account.... was marked as the answer   
    I merged your old account into your new one and renamed it.
    Thanks for being here and have fun!
  3. zunnie's post in RenList help was marked as the answer   
    Get the latest version from our downloads area.
  4. zunnie's post in map dir was marked as the answer   
    Put this file in your DATA folder and restart renegade.
    Join the server ONCE and then exit it.
    There will be a new folder in your Renegade folder called: UltraGame\UltraClient
    Install the mappack into there
  5. zunnie's post in Cant join ultra was marked as the answer   
    Do you have 4.0 installed? If not: Thats why. Get it at http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org
  6. zunnie's post in Windows 7 registry and fixes question was marked as the answer   
    Ok this is how I do it:
    I create a folder inside \Levels\ called with my mapname for example TCW_Snipers
    Inside this folder i place my terrain W3D's which i export from 3DSMax8, the strings_map.tdb for custom translations and the .lvl file(s) when i save the map in there as C&C_TCW_Snipers.lvl,
    i also have a folder called 'includes' in there which contains ALL other files i use in the map, wav's, tga's, dds's and mp3's, i do that so i know which files should go into my mix file when the map is done.
    The EditorCache folder contains ALL the textures i use on my map(s) ie all the tga's and dds's. The wav's and mp3's don't have to go there.
    I make my mix's manually. Simply put: Just copy C&C_Field.mix from your Renegade Data folder to your Level folder and rename it to C&C_Mymap.mix.
    Then open your C&C_Mymap.mix with XCC mixer (double click on it to open a mix) delete ALL the C&C_Field files from it so you end up with a empty file.
    Next you drag and drop in ALL the files from your 'includes' into the XCC window, the .lsd .ldd and .ddb and strings_map.tdb from your level folder as well and finally the W3D's that make up your terrain. Your mix file is now ready and can be used on the game
    If you have questions let's see them
    here is XCC mixer: http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/files/file/77-xcc-mixer/
    Here some ss's from my folders to give you a little insight how i arrange it all:

  7. zunnie's post in Setting up a custom LAN server was marked as the answer   
    You can download the needed server files there, it is called SSGM 4.0
    The source code is also available which you're gonna need if you want to add new crates and stuff or do other special things which are not possible in the editor alone.
    I suggest reading the wiki pages for detailed instructions on how to get it to work:
  8. zunnie's post in Need a Sound was marked as the answer   
    Nevermind, i found it, got it
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