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  1. Version 1.0


    A tool for RenegadeFDS Package Editor. You don't need to run command prompt continously for package editor. Open it and use. Enjoy! Planning to do in version 1.1: - Adding User Interface - App configuration for use this application without server's folder. (Now, working on new version...)


  2. Link broken downloads here

    Some of SSGM 4.0 Plugins
  3. Renegade WOL Error

    It isn't listing too.
  4. Renegade WOL Error

    Guys my Renegade Client and Server cannot connect to WOL Servers. I'm tried to close firewall and reinstall Renegade but doesn't work. What should I do?
  5. I have some troubles on Mapping

    I'm creating a map on Commando Level Editor. Terrain and Building Walls seems good. But I'm exporting the map and entering on the LAN to my map, terrain likes [Picture 3]. All collisions are opened on RenX. I'm using Alpha Blend on Terrain and I enabled VAlpha on W3D Tools. I continously falling down and respawning in-game. What should I do? Some info: LevelEdit: I put the spawner. LevelEdit: Spawner isn't collide to ground. In-Game: I'm tried to enter the map while all buildings are working. LevelEdit: Drop to Ground enabled. NOTE: All pictures are taked in the same position.
  6. Where's MPF UltraAOW Newmaps downloaded maps?

    Genesis2001 Well, my game shows maps on the Host Server menu. But textures didn't load finally and some weapons throw string error. How can my game show the maps? Where's this maps stored? At least, I want to see c&c_lake_garden_d3 and c&c_riverofhope_d3 map on my server. I just love them.
  7. Where is located MPF UltraAOW Newmaps server downloaded maps? I searched some file directories and I found only ".ddb" , ".ldd" and .lsd files map name writing. I'm gonna play maps on my RenegadeFDS LAN game.

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