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  1. Still can't believe Zunnie is gone. Sometimes I just want to jump on IRC or TS like I did all those years ago just to talk to the dude. Il never forget Jan. Hope everyone at MPF is doing well, take care all.
  2. Quote

    Life ain't always what it seem to be
    Words can't express what you mean to me
    Even though you're gone, we still a team
    Through your family, I'll fulfill your dream
    In the future, can't wait to see
    If you open up the gates for me,


  3. Just realised I put this is the wrong place.
  4. Hunty

    OmegaAOW Renegade Event


    I joined for an hour earlier, but for me personally it'll never be the same again without Zunnies keyboard tapping in the background and a "what?" when you speak to him. If anyone would like to keep in touch I'm happy to provide my contact details (Facebook, whatsapp). Just let me know as I'l take another leave of absence from tomorrow. Take care all, Hunty.
  5. Sander please take all the time you need, do not worry about us guys. I miss those nights that we would all be online till very early hours of the morning, listening to the dog, the birds and every other farm animal known to man that Zunnie kept next to his computer and of course the worlds loudest coffee maker. Take care my friend, Hunty.
  6. I saw this announcement via the Facebook page and I must say it upsets me greatly that Zunnie is no longer with us. He was the first person I ever became friends with on Renegade way back in 2002-2003. He took me under his wing and taught me a lot of stuff even though I was a hot headed teenager he took time to show me the ropes, even when I made mistakes or lashed out at other clan members Zunnie had my back. I regret not talking to him for the last year or so due to family/work commitments, just goes to show you never know when your time is up. I am just glad he made a legacy here and in other gaming communities so his name will live on for many years to come! Ren In Paradise old friend, condolences to his brother and the rest of the family. Hunty. P.S - the best quote by Zunnie on Teamspeak will forever be ”omg guys my dog just farted”.
  7. nub!


    1. NotAfK


      n00ber how ya been.

    2. NotAfK


      n00ber how ya been.

    3. Hunty


      I've been good man, how's life treating you? 

  8. That looks insane, and I thought the Oculus rift was immense.
  9. That's how I roll. True that!
  10. Guess you mean PC since you showed your download screenshot lol. But I'm ps4 - FluffyUnicorn88 :-)
  11. Pacman I hope, Mayweather is a just a douche.. Great record but still a grade A £"%$...
  12. I agree with Res, its worked for this long why change it now? However I'm not even a renegade moderator so I have no jurisdiction on what happens over there lol. Maybe you could pay a wage to someone so they can sit at IRC all day and just deal with requests
  13. 7 hours out of 168 hours eh.. Most of the moderators also have lives and work/study or have children to look after. They are not paid staff so they have no obligation to be around 24/7. When they are in-game or someone is watching on IRC most cases are dealt with immediately or at least taking into discussion once other mods(Higher Ranked) are available. You don't need to concern yourself with other peoples bans/kicks as all bans and kicks are discussed and if the player in question feels it was a mistake they can make a post and if they're correct the ban will be lifted.
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