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  1. Happy birthday FeaR

    Thnx guys
  2. thanks!


    another list gave me this answer..




    Check in your Renegade folder if the file VFS.dll is present, if you can't find it it's possible that your antivirus deleted it. I'm not quite sure if this file is tied to TT's scripts or if it's in the core files, but you'll need to reinstall either the latest scripts, or the whole game.

    This guy was successful in solving his VFS problems by reinstalling c++ redistributable x86 package on W10, take a look maybe?




    I actually reinstalled before i got this answer...


    then reinstalled scripts...  then made sure renlist linked to game2.exe,   not game.exe


    i think it was my virus program

  3. failed to open vfs

    this is from a old topic ive seen. but i dont think its resolved that way too, but you can try
  4. Merry Christmas

    merry christmas
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    Happy B-day n00b, and many years to come
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    Congratz nub
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    Yeh ive seen him on, just as i asked you about it lol
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    Welcome to our forums H3adSh00t Btw is that nubby mouse still playing aswell or not ?
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