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  1. I would pull this down, last I checked it caused crashing quite often after TT went to 4.1
  2. Played last night, they drop fine, but were back to one of them falling and losing half health. (I was on Nod).
  3. they don't do it for some cheap game on Steam, they do it for veteran points.
  4. WW hourglass > this hourglass. but this hourglass >>> whoreglass. plus i love the tunnel in this map, ever since it came out, the river looks amazing for a renegade map.
  5. You're both in the wrong thread, this one's from 3 months ago. Go here: http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/topic/2037-ultraaow-stealth-weekend-fri-august-16th-19th/
  6. Lame! Sucked last time, sucks this time, sorry zunnie. See you monday!
  7. I agree with players being split between two servers. Backup is a good plan. I kept hearing about a Co-op server, then never heard of it again, what happened there?
  8. What a crock of bullshit. You're trying to justify your noob way of gameplay? Critical buildings? Bro you raged out the other night when we lost the AGT. Little did you know as soon as you left I picked up a restore and we had all buildings again. All you do is hamper your team. There's been PLENTY of nights where we get rushed and you rage out over losing something stupid like the PP, and we wind up losing another building when you could have stayed to help your team. Your attitude towards you own team sucks. You act like you're God's gift to renegade, barkign out orders and demanding everyone listen to your "tactics". Then when we have to go on the defenses you run off like a coward and leave the game. To top it all off, you actively watch for the map to end, come back the next map and act like you're the greatest again? No sir, your reasoning is complete BS. You can't handle losing. Most of the time we have "no chance" because we're already down 1 or 2 people to the other team, and you just put us at more of a disadvantage. Everyone rages once in a while, but you do it EVERY SINGLE MAP that your team starts to lose on. You're just lucky I'm not zunnie, cause I could have banned you a long time ago for MASS hampering.
  9. No, it's a texture only pack. I put this package together from a ton of other posted downloads, so I just grabbed their screen shots.
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