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  1. So much at a loss for words right now... Rest In Peace, brother...
  2. dunno where uve  gone hope all is good  miss ya bro 

  3. I remember playing Field for 8 hours and still neither team could get ahead. I ended up leaving to go to bed and they were still going at it... the next morning, they had only played one more map in the rotation.
  4. Are you saying mine is a pic from a game? Here are some other beautiful pics of my beloved hometown... Thumbs.db
  5. Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America
  6. WhiteNyte

    tcw Holy Avatars!

    yep... we're screwed...
  7. So very saddened that this has happened... again... to humanity... My Heart and Thoughts go out to the families of those who were taken too early...
  8. Hmmm... Perhaps we should turn on Friendly Fire for an event and see who the biggest Renegade Terrorist is... ;-)
  9. I'm split down the middle on this... For... It would be nice to be allowed to win the prizes... Against... Mods naturally play on the server quite a bit, I would even dare say more than normal players, so it may become easier for mods to win based solely on that... Perhaps different win scenarios could be developed to make it, for a couple examples, most Auto-ReQs within the month, most enemy vehicle destructions within the month, most enemy building destructions within the month, etc. rather than most games played, most MPVs, etc...
  10. WhiteNyte

    Funny Videos!!

    I saw that and was blown away... she didn't even look like it was screamo, but it sure sounded like it.
  11. I've been playing C&C since Command & Conquer came out. I remember sitting in my college game LAN room playing against 7 other people... Ever since then, I've played every game, well, at least the ones on TFD... I didn't have the others until recently and my Netbook won't let me play them as it is not powerful enough... I love FPS, so when Renegade came out, I was in C&C Heaven... I'm a very social person. I love interacting with others and playing games against actual opponents that are unpredictable... It makes me constantly learn new methods and tactics... Being able to be on TeamSpeak 3 with those other players heightens that experience 100 fold... I've come to know many people through Renegade and MPF and a few, I have gotten to know rather well and love every communique... That is why I'm here... Oh and also I'm here because I suck at other games... Oh wait... I SUCK AT THIS GAME TOO... :-D
  12. There's the culprit!!!!! KILL!!!! ;-) j/k
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