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  1. 1. Java based server 2. Standard protection plugins (logging, Worldguard, ....) 3. WorldEdit (for staff) and Essentials are a must have 4. MCMMO (keeps players busy with goals and neat perks 5. Survival, but allow flying 6. one or two mini games to start with (Skyblock or Hunger Games or something else)
  2. Oh, it's a Cam... I'm still there, too :P (just not playing games as much as I'd like to)
  3. @shaitan UltraAOW was back in FanMaps times where it all started, while the others were created with or after the split (and merging) of MP/DT. UltraAOW was revived some time later, but I don't know exactly when.
  4. I'll see what I can find, but I don't think there's anything left that predates OmegaAOW. I used to have the old CTF and AOW maps and I really wish I could find them, but they're just too old. UltraAOW, CrazyCTF, ...that were good times with zunnie ❤️
  5. Rest in Peace bro.. I'll drink a coffee for you. You were the guy who led me - showed and taught me the ways of modding Renegade back when we were still a part of FM and MP. I owe you a great debt. Not only because of the modding stuff, but because you were a good friend and great guy. You were the only guy drinking more coffee than I did and still do. RIP Jan
  6. Even with Lego you could be awesome
  7. Start with the training maps with bots to get at least some map knowledge. After that just hop in and kill something. Which game mode doesn't really matter as long as its death match style (with respawn). Modes without respawn are bad for beginners.
  8. I suggest to think of more than just Renegade when buying new hardware. Renegade will run on anything better than some shitty Atom or Celeron CPU, so it will be fine. If you play other games now or in the future you will need to think of those first. They have much higher and/or different requirements. Even Minecraft. As for graphics I would go for a real one. Onboard graphics suck for computer games.
  9. Thanks for your input in the other thread. Now it's time to decide what game modes are going to run on our servers. Since we run more than one server you can pick more than one option. This way we can include more opinions about what people like instead of just the top one. Please don't tick all boxes when voting. This won't help you or us as it makes no difference between the options.
  10. oh noes, we're doomed congrats
  11. Even Arms race was once a "kiddy" mod. It's just a matter of taste.
  12. dudley

    Dalyth here

    Welcome I guess half of the community works in IT by now
  13. Actually it is possible. Most people just don't know how to do it. So for now we have the following options: - vanilla competitive or deathmatch - zombie escape - new maps - armsrace (not mentioned, but I want this on the list) - mix of all Sourcebans is no gamemode. I didn't ask for addons Anything else?
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