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    Muther 302
  1. I am Muther

    Hello, I go by Muther. I am pretty sure at at least one person on these boards will recognize me (Looking straight at you FM Zunnie). I am an XBox gamer now, where I am Muther 302, feel free tobPM me and introduce yourself, and friend me. Back in my C&C Renegade days, I used to go by Muther Hubbard, then FM Muther, and finally MP Muther. Nice to see that Renegade is still around, and there is still a community for it. There is no other game ever made that is like it. It is totally unique. I have long belived that EA made a massive mistake choosing to let its IP just lie there and collect dust. Anyway, is any of the old FanMaps, and MP gang around? FM Fear/Grime, Oxi, Kalo?

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