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Everything posted by Muslium

  1. ha who wants aimbot and triggerbot ? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. ofc I have cheats xD and I'll sell them for 7 million dollars
  3. soo I can sell my cheats too and give admin the name of the real person who create this cheats xD [ cheats ( aimbot - triggerbot ) + name of the real person who create this cheats ] all this for 6 million dollars $$$$$$$
  4. Muslium

    Hello :)

    Welcome back bro ☕
  5. zunnie was the best man I met I'm Very Sad .. So Sad :# Zunnie will be in our hearts for ever we will not forget him :_ R.I.P zunnie I hope you stay in a part of Paradise now
  6. nice skins thank you so mush brother ❤️
  7. Happy Birthday ;)

  8. hi :D


    1. hesh94


      3aiz eh yad :D


    2. Muslium


      hihi :D nothing nothing :D

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