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  1. Welcome Blacky
  2. Merry christmas guys!
  3. Welcome Andy! Hope to see you in game soon!
  4. Congrats! I knew that he will win.. but most of the american media were working for Hilary.. But the people said their word so Trump will kick their asses!!
  5. forums

    For me, I like both of them
  6. Hey Skey! Welcome to MPF Forums!
  7. I am not from USA but from what I see and hear ...I think Hilary will be just like Obama (or maybe worse) And yeah I expect cheating because they need Hilary..not trump..I completely agree with @NXwolf
  8. Haha..poor r3s XD
  9. lol the first one was epic for me!! I was looking at the cam well XD Yeah I agree with u XD ..that was his idea lmao
  10. Welcome buddy!
  11. Nice! Welcome to MPF Ensuna
  12. Renegade Staff !!!! :o

    1. hesh94


      lol hey SpEeDr..long time no see :lol:

    2. SpEeDr


      Hey Renegade Staff :] :D

    3. hesh94
  13. lol nice!
  14. Welcome Alex! hope to see you ingame soon!