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  1. I really can't believe this..and I really don't know what to say but ..Zunnie was a great friend who made us happy when he be with us he gave a lot to that community we really missed a great person here 😥 R.I.P Zunnie
  2. nice vehicles skins!
  3. I think this will be good thing for the good players who know how to use this command well and very bad for the noobs who will abuse using this command every map to win . . . but in my opinion anyway..I do not agree with this.
  4. I think we should remove @WNxServer from the Council for this
  5. For me, I have Frontline Commando D-Day , TankTastic and an amazing game called (Blitz Brigade) .. you guys should try them..especially the last one
  6. hesh94


    It's OK mate, Sometimes we lose control of ourselves and don't realize what we are doing/saying ..this can happen to anyone of us I even get nervous sometimes when I play but now I am doing my best to control myself as much as I can That's why I understand you but I won't stop calling u as a noob ok ? :')
  7. hi :D


    1. hesh94


      3aiz eh yad :D


    2. Muslium


      hihi :D nothing nothing :D

  8. I know playing with SS Spy and finding him is kinda hard ,but think about yourself playing with it..u won't hate that anymore LOL and I agree with sharky89 ...it is about the player's way to use it well or not.
  9. And I am the first one who will welcome you and say good to see u here
  10. hesh94

    Hello People!

    Welcome to MPF raven!
  11. hesh94


    Oh noes...R3S is getting older Happy Birthday noob
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