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  1. Glitch?

    I'm probably doing something wrong, but, why can't I pick this up? I thought my fortunes had changed, and ran over to it, only to be digitally slapped in the face when nothing at all happened lol. Is there some glitch, or is there a reason it would not pick up?
  2. Tanks Not Aiming

    Thanks for taking the time to answer, I completely spaced telling you thanks Sorry!
  3. Tanks Not Aiming

    oh wow
  4. What are you currently listening to?

    This is my 'Angry Music' -.-
  5. Social Media Alternatives?

    I was kinda hoping the forums had a presence on MeWe initially when I posted Unfortunately, not many are on it. But if anyone does, let me know your profile name and I'll add you!
  6. Tanks Not Aiming

    Well... easy or hard wasn't really my concern, I don't really care if it IS easy or Hard af lol. I was just curious if it was ALLOWED is all. I had tried checking map rules ingame, but that didn't give me anything, so I came here to ask The previous servers I had played on, it wasn't allowed. It was cool to see a different set of standards/rules enforced at this one.
  7. Hey guys! Ifound this thread and figured I'd post! I really love threads like this, I think it helps communities grow and get to know one another. Hope you all had a good evening, see you in game!
  8. Tanks Not Aiming

    It definitely is, lost the PP to it lol. Other servers never allowed it, just making sure. Thanks!
  9. Tanks Not Aiming

    ooohhh ok, thanks! I saw what looked like barbed wire up there too. Do the map rules allow for us to go through that, down the mountain, and into the power plant?
  10. Tanks Not Aiming

    No matter how many light tanks I tried, (3), none of my tanks would aim at the outcropping above the PP. Here is what happens when I did. My reticule is aimed at the spot, but the turret does not. Happened all 3 times. Is this normal, some sort of mechanism put into the particular map, to let snipers sit up there or.... ??
  11. Social Media Alternatives?

    What is your Instagram? I just made a gaming Instagram!
  12. Social Media Alternatives?

    Not what I expected tbh lol. Thanks!
  13. Social Media Alternatives?

    Is anyone on anything besides Facebook? FB is pretty much dying and it always sucked anyway. So does anyone have like, gamer profiles on anything else? You should check out MeWe, its pretty cool
  14. Hello Everyone

    Hello! I was told about this place from a few net friends. I initially had some trouble getting setup, but thanks to the help of an (admin?), I was pointed in the proper direction and finally able to get into the game today. I need to browse the forums to find out what all the terms and commands mean, because except for driving and shooting, I am clueless! Nice to see there is still a community for an older game. I believe and always have, that the best content isn't found ingame, but on the forums and or teamspeak servers. (though I believe you all use Discord?) The idea is the same I suppose. Thanks again for the help and I look forward to late night games, it was fun so far!

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