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shadowstorm last won the day on April 3 2018

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  1. shadowstorm

    Storm Weather

    ?? What server??
  2. shadowstorm

    Storm Weather

    So true!
  3. shadowstorm


    Ehh... I've had some good games on this one, but it certainly isnt a favorite.
  4. shadowstorm


    This was easily one of my favorites. The snipers in tunnels (which I always stayed out of cause im garbage at that lol) and the snipers in the field was great. Trying to support the MRLS or the Artys in the field while under constant sniper fire was awesome. Made for some long games. DEFINITELY have this one in rotation!
  5. shadowstorm


    It was alright, not the best, but playable.
  6. shadowstorm

    Storm Weather

    Ahhh much better
  7. shadowstorm

    Signature Creation

    Just my name I guess. Im not sure what else I'd want on it. Idk. I know some years ago a place called Xfire used to have these things you could place on forums for your sig that had your game stats and such. That was pretty cool but they dont do that anymore sadly.
  8. shadowstorm

    Signature Creation

    So I keep seeing cool sigs that have been created and used for forum users. Does anyone here create their own? I wanted to have one made but not really sure who might be able and willing to do that, and I definitely can't. I'm terri-bad at anything art related. I don't really have anything specific in mind, just my player name of course. The background, ish, I've seen space-related things that look cool, game-related backgrounds that look awesome, (NOD, not GDI, GDI sucks), etc.
  9. shadowstorm


  10. shadowstorm

    Storm Weather

    Agreed. The thunder, lightening and the rain all combined are awesome.
  11. shadowstorm

    Storm Weather

    Anyone else like storms? It is storming pretty crazy here, and any moment now, like clockwork, but power will go out -.- So, who likes storms? What do you do during a storm? I usually read, or listen to music on one of my devices, etc.
  12. shadowstorm

    A Toast to You

    I never really drank coffee all that much, but I have a cup today. Be safe, wherever you are, Zunnie.
  13. shadowstorm

    R.I.P. zunnie

    No :( I feel like I just talked to him. That is really really crushing. He was so nice to me. This really hurts :( :( :(
  14. shadowstorm


    I'm probably doing something wrong, but, why can't I pick this up? I thought my fortunes had changed, and ran over to it, only to be digitally slapped in the face when nothing at all happened lol. Is there some glitch, or is there a reason it would not pick up?
  15. shadowstorm

    Tanks Not Aiming

    Thanks for taking the time to answer, I completely spaced telling you thanks Sorry!

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