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  1. Proculator

    Social Media Alternatives?

    Actually, I prefer this venue and the Ascent forum. MeWe and FB are not useful for my current focus. Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  2. Proculator

    Social Media Alternatives?

    About MeWe: Nice, a biz in my home town. Review I looked at was favorable.
  3. Proculator

    Social Media Alternatives?

    The mosaic structure is a bit confusing ... I luv composite imaging but the embedded text in the Instagram is head scratching ... You think?
  4. Proculator

    Social Media Alternatives?

    I do my best.
  5. Proculator

    Social Media Alternatives?

    Since I'm ancient, I certainly qualify as one of those old people you spoke of. I abandoned FB far more than 5 years ago. My family still wonders whether I'm dead yet. Nope. I went to Wikia and then Academia to put down some thoughts. Hope you don't mind conversing with a ghost.
  6. Proculator

    Looking for game designers

    Hi! I realize that I'm a newcomer and probably come across as somewhat strange ... I'm familiar with that reaction. If you checkout my Ascent link (Moneyman contribution thread) you'll see that I'm no stranger to online games. I think my game idea is a Star Citizen scale game ... just need some friends to work on the design.
  7. My perspective tends to be different (and difficult to understand) than anyone else I converse with ... way it is. I'm thinking, as an analogy, the cartoon snapshots that Walt Disney used to sketch the features he created. When I'm ready, I'll attach a file that illustrates what I mean. If there is a more common term for it, please tell me. Think summary. Its a way to list components like Colonization ship.odt and insure consistency between them. Currently, I'm creating talking points like Colonization ship.odt so that there is something to discuss. Hope this is an incentive to join the discussion about this design idea. I'm just getting started.
  8. Proculator

    Looking for game designers

    Thread name is also the MPF club I've started ... This thread is meant to recruit other members.. As I've stated in my introduction, I'm sketching a whiteboard for a future game ... hopefully coded by open source. The idea is to generate funding for MPF for other future MPF activity. The attached (OpenOffice) file, Colonization ship.odt, sketches the first stage of the game ... There are 4 stages to the game. Would luv to have anyone's thoughts on the files: Colonization ship.odt, First colonization site.odt
  9. My Home sector colonization club is about encouraging close player community fellowship in multi-player games. The focus is sketching a whiteboard or how a multi-player game flows and grows independent of individual player actions. There is ample online game play scenarios (and supporting code) to develop a game design from whiteboard to working GAME. There are also plenty of design challenges to allow just sketching a game an enjoyable pursuit in and of itself. If members of the club seek consistency and consensus, a valuable game design package can be achieved.

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