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  1. Thanks for the BF2 info, I glad to see its back.

  2. It isn´t clear to me what launcher he is using. If it is renlist, I can't help, since i didn't made that art. As for my launchers, all the launcher of last year, TCW and IMP mod, are not "updating" or "downloading" anything to your harddrive (anymore). The ingame download manager is used for this instead nowadays. These launchers only stream/load textdata from small textfiles on the server. As for older launchers, download the latest version of your mod in the MPF download section. Serverdata of my launchers can be found on: UltraAOW serverinfo: http://ttfs.multiplayerforums.com/Stats.txt UltraAOW serverIP: http://ttfs.multiplayerforums.com/serverip.txt TCW serverinfo: http://ttfs.multiplayerforums.com/StatsTCW.txt TCW serverIP: http://tcw.multiplayerforums.com/serverip.txt We didn't use IP adresses, but domainnames instead because MPF has/had a habbit to switch serverhosts once in a while. I hope my awnser will help you. If not, please say so.
  3. But nothing happened!
  4. getting spawn killed by bots.... nightmare number one.
  5. People on the web that talk like their brain is some kind of godmode, and yet they fail in using it wisely. "With great power, comes great responsibility" I doubt you can call someone more smart as another just because his way of thinking does match with the given test. STFU everyone is smart on his own way . The one who is considering himself as an übermensch is selfish nothing more...
  6. And yet he still asks for it
  7. *Use longer passwords; *use random characters (not words) *Don't use the right answer for your recovery question (LIE!!!!!!!!!), so if you have to give up your first pets name, then just type something like a town nearby which you will remember. *also use symbols like !@#$%^&*()_+ *use a few different passwords, for example: one for social media, one for forums, one for games and one for your mail. *Do not save your passwords on your computer *Make sure there is no key logger of one of 'your friends' on your PC (reinstall windows if you want to be 100% sure). *Do not open phishing mails ( there are no horny womens you can help by clicking on an url... its a lie, trust me ). *Many illegal software does contain a virus, make sure you use a good virusscanner. A good free one is AVIRA Free. And consider to use legal alternatives (there are many opensource alternatives of many software) or buy a licence of the software. *Do not share your passwords with anybody.
  8. other

    What is it with these 3 blue dots?
  9. If it is a setting thing: Try removing the entire folder after uninstalling and before re-installing. A lot of files are being left in the folder of Ren-X even after uninstalling it.
  10. I find it kind of confusing, he says FU like he don't care, and yet he still takes time for 4 replies like he cares. Strange trolls these days... I am getting to old for the internet
  11. Getting busted is forbidden. breaking laws isn't.
  12. There you go 1/80 done.
  13. I only know this map with low-graphics . still looks better as ugly-2001-renegade....
  14. no, sneaking into the enemy base is made for the most skilled. people that do not see hotwires running into their base deserve to be punished by building destruction.