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  1. i doubt there will be a new C&C. Watch "The rize and downfall of command & conquer" on utube. notice: its a very long video
  2. DaDuKe

    Hello :)

    Welcome back mate
  3. hasnt this been in the rotation before? I liked it
  4. the map picture looks good
  5. i cant say i know the map but it sounds good
  6. well i never liked bunkers much
  7. maybe we can add both islands maps?
  8. So very very sad, my condolences to everyone and especiay his family 😭😟
  9. never liked this map much
  10. kinda boring map whit confusing tunnels
  11. this has Always been my favorite sniping maps, ill never forget back in the days islands tunnel sniper wars
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