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  1. I cannot see MPF/Sla or any MPF server with the IP in GSA listed however I do see it listed instead in WOL but whenever I try to join it won't let me even connect. Just says Joining game.... and then Connection to server broke. Please quit. I tried: -Restarting Router -Restarting PC So what can I do more? I can join other servers but not servers with IP as I think.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is my first character texture pack (probably the best one) that makes the characters smile like a creepy person or a psycho. Have fun with it!
  3. The new ttle.dll seem to be glitchy for me when I make wheeled, Motorcycle and VTOL vehicles + transition. But as I remember I had a old one that is just 1KB less of size than the newer one + it's not glitchy like the new one (FOR LEVEL EDITOR). New ttle.dll= glitchy for level editor (for me at least) old ttle.dll (from 12/5/2017)= not glitchy for level editor.
  4. These are the two worst bugs in level editor I had, and I can't take it anymore. Whenever I make a wheeled, VTOL, motorcycle vehicle I get to wait about 1-5 seconds then instant crash with no error or anything. The next bug is when I am adding/editing transition for a vehicle, I instantly crash also without any error message. I'm pretty sure I am the only one experiencing these 2 horrible bugs which are annoying as hell. I think I need help to my whatever is causing it because, I tried a lot of stuff but still no results. I even asked Jonwil and Dblaney but still no help at all. They both seem to notice these two bugs for the time. I am aware that I am the only one experiencing it right now and it's not good at all. I hope someone can try giving me some tips of how to fix it. Thanks if anyone can help.
  5. You did try removing the packages.dat file as I said right? If that's not the problem, then I'm not really sure what it is. May take a look later.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a version of the Jet (Personal Transport Aircraft) which Nod took over in the campaign if you remember :P. This is a rigged and better version than original with seats (10 seats) and firing bones. There are 2 places where it fires weapons you choose. I may update this in later version for new things, but you can use this in your server if you want. No problems using this rigged version in your server, so enjoy! Made by Seif. NOTE: That this rigged jet uses original textures which is v_jet so you don't have to worry about texture.
  7. Version 1.1.0


    These are two files that unlock all missions and movies in Renegade TT version. It includes every single movie possible to unlock and all missions with 5 stars (Commando). All made by me and safe to use, easy to apply. Made by Seif. How to install/apply: 1. Run .reg file 2. Then press yes 3. Ok 4. You're done, enjoy!
  8. Hey man, this is how to fix it: 1. go to: C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\Renegade\Client\ttfs 2. you should find a file named packages.dat, delete it. 3. join MPF or any server then it should work. 4. Enjoy!
  9. yes, renegade Russian version 1.037 overwrited my install path for TT 4.6.
  10. In my Level Editor, I can't find useful scripts like Jonwil's teleport, buy on touch etc. I tried searching but I only find less scripts this time I was editing my co-op map. Any glitch/bug cause that?
  11. @Muslium ezayak/Hi. Try updating your graphic card in Device Manager. This should maybe solve the problem. Old games may not detect your graphic card sometimes.
  12. ezyak yad. 3amal eh?  Balna kter wesh itkalemna.

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