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  1. Hello, h0pe you have fun in MPF UltraAow Server, best server for me :P.
  2. Yes it's fair to remove it. That's because I don't think it's been fair a server been listed on 2 different listers. It doesn't make it have the right to stay. If that would've been me, I would remove it.
  3. sahitan I thought you were shaitan. Now you failed RenCorner. H0w dare y0u
  4. lol. I did some research to check if it was really real but, turns out not real :(. N0w we can't eat Kane's Ch0c0late unless we beg EA to make them N0w! Original link to this picture: https://www.deviantart.com/kallebowo/art/CNC-TIBERIAN-PARK-Wallpaper-Kane-s-Schokolade-291866027 You can also find other stuff by him.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is a version of the Jet (Personal Transport Aircraft) which Nod took over in the campaign if you remember :P. This is a rigged and better version than original with seats (10 seats) and firing bones. There are 2 places where it fires weapons you choose. I may update this in later version for new things, but you can use this in your server if you want. No problems using this rigged version in your server, so enjoy! Made by Seif. NOTE: That this rigged jet uses original textures which is v_jet so you don't have to worry about texture.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    These are two files that unlock all missions and movies in Renegade TT version. It includes every single movie possible to unlock and all missions with 5 stars (Commando). All made by me and safe to use, easy to apply. Made by Seif. How to install/apply: 1. Run .reg file 2. Then press yes 3. Ok 4. You're done, enjoy!
  7. Is there any copy of a Russian version by any chance for Renegade TT 4.6?
  8. Tired of getting squished by vehicles also when you purchase them at squish area? Now look at the screenshot at the new anti-squish hack (obviously infinite health and armor :). All made by me. APC didn't squish me in photo as you can see. You can also check the other photo when I enter a vehicle the health changes to same (infinite). If you would like to buy one for 9999$ please call 01999-5122-7192, thanks for picking seifmagdi's hax FIN
  9. lol my Renegade glitched when testing some Deathmatch map I am making.
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