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i.wonder_whatsfordinner last won the day on February 23 2019

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    Nod Obelisk Under Attack

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    Command and Conquer (RTS)
    CounterStrike: Global Offensive
    Grand Theft Auto
    Renegade / W3d
    Unreal Tournament
    C&C TCW
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    Tips & Tricks Video Making Team

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    Fight as the Global Defense Initiative or The Brotherhood of Nod in a fictionary C&C World. Some of the best maps are designed by ImperialKaskins a former developer of the MPF Developers team and sport a wide range of variety to play. In addition to this we run a dozen community created maps throughout the years. The general idea is that you protect your own base buildings while still attempting to destroy the enemy base buildings by whatever means available in the game, infantry weaponry, vehicular assaults, superweapon beacon and c4 placements, whatever. Kill kill kill the enemy base! Renegade is not needed to play this, it is a Standalone Installation.

  • Closed Club  ·  5 members  ·  Last active

    A wonderful modification for Renegade, transformed into currently popular Battle Royale game mode! We need help about models and mod logo (lol), if anyone wants to help me, please PM me.

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